Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Man!

Quote of the day: "I feel like a man", by Corey.

Collin was up late last night/very early this morning because he was not feeling well. He has a cough that kept him up most of the night and he was near vomitting. So, today when Collin asked to stay home, I let him.

It's still kind of weird when just one of the twins goes to school. It's most comparable to that feeling that you are just forgetting something. So, having just Corey this morning and because of the rain, I drove him down to the end of the driveway. He sat in the front seat, a place he has never been with the van in motion and that is when he said he felt like a man. I guess, to him, manhood begins when you can sit in the front seat. LOL Too cute.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Tonight I Wanna Cry"....

(by Keith Urban)

I'm not sure if it's a horomone imbalance or if it's because I'm having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule now that the boys are back to school? Maybe it's a combination of both? I'm exhausted and feel like dirt, unappreciated dirt, that is.

I have a husband that can't get socks from the laundry room on his own. A son that is soon going to be 20 years old and has no ambition. Another son, a teen (say no more?) that hates school, his only friend, homework, and everything else. I've got two 7 year olds that are demanding. And then, there's me. I take it all from each of them and wear my smile on top of my frown.

I do too much for too many. I have to put a new word into my vocabulary....."NO". It's hard for me and I've struggled with this for some time now. I'm a "Yes Woman" that hopes for the other party to change their mind so I can get out of it. Of course, though it's taken me so long, I now realize that once the YES is out, there is no changing it and I am stuck doing something I don't want to.

I was in Corey and Collin's room tonight, finally getting them to bed and as I was covering Corey I stepped on a toy and hurt my foot. Corey then said to me, "Mom, you should clean my room tomorrow". I told him I wouldn't do it for free, it would cost him 20 bucks! He said he didn't have 20 bucks so then I told him he and his brother would have to take on the job. I've cleaned their room for them more times than I'd like to admit. I have to put my foot down. They are old enough now to be responsible for their room and should have been for a long time.

Trevor just asked me a few minutes ago, to get the clippers and give him a haircut tonight.....It's almost 11PM!! When does my day end???

I received an e-mail from Brad's teacher a few days ago, stating that he isn't doing his homework. I asked him today, "Brad, do you have your homework done?".....Of course, the response was that he had left it in his locker. UGH!! Looks like I may be getting my punishment for that before you know it. He'll get an after school detention and guess who has to go and pick him up from the school??? (Don't think you'll even need a hint!)

Earlier, just before he went to bed, Dennis asked me if I did any laundry today. I did some, not a whole lot. He was looking for socks. I knew there was a basket in the laundry room with clean socks that I just didn't get sorted yet. For this one, I'll give you two guesses, but I'm sure you'll get it right in one....who do you think had to search for his socks? (Clue: He didn't......and it's the same person that has to help the boys with their homework and help them with their shower or bath.)

I could go on and on, but I will be nice and spare you. What I've typed thus far is only a smidgen of what's been going on around here. I've been wanting to update for a long time now and I just can't seem to fit it in.

Now that I have the song in my head and today I finally fixed my iPod, I think I'll go and listen to some Keith Urban.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not sure I like this or if I will even use this? I am blogging from my cell.

Monday, August 03, 2009

"Days Go By"......

("Days Go By", Keith Urban)

It's hard to believe that summer vacation iw winding down already, even though it feels like it's just begun. In just 30 days, Bradley will start his final year at the Middle School, and Corey and Collin will begin their 2nd grade adventure. I am hopeful that this year will be the best one yet! Brad will be at the top of the "food chain" and I am also hopeful that he will have a much better experience than he did last year.

I am excited to see how well Corey and Collin do being in the same classroom. Second grade was a memorable year for me, since my teacher was fabulous! I'm even more excited since Corey and Collin will have the very same teacher that I did, Mrs. Lewis! She is one of those teachers that is there because she loves teaching and not because "it's a job". I just know that my boys will love her as much as I do/have. I plan on being a parent volunteer and helping out at the school as much as possible.

I will be setting a few goals for myself, as well. I will try and use my Wii Fit every morning and make better use of my time this year. Normally, people start exercising on January 1st, as a resolution, but I've decided to start when they go back to school and I won't have to "fight" with them for my time to use the Wii. I will be real happy if I can shed a few pounds and will look forward to getting up each morning and seeing results! (fingers crossed! lol)

The biggest thing for me will be to conquer my cigarette addiction. It's a shameful, and not to mention, dangerously unhealthy, habit. Had I known then, that it would be this hard to quit, I would've never even tried it!

Another goal that I've failed at several times, is that I'd like to become a better blogger. So many of my friends have them and I just love to read them. I'd like mine to be caught up. It's fun to go back and read. I almost feel that I should document every moment because time is just whizzing right by. ****I'm heading in the right direction, already, with this...I've been writing before bed each night and I am typing this from my notebook right now! YAY!!

While I am sad to see summer drawing to an end, I am anxious to start a new school year and a new me, in a sense. Summer has always been my favorite season, the season where most memories are made and the most carefree. I will still have summer on my mind and body in the winter.......It's amazing how long I can hold on to a tan and tan lines! Haha!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Words I Coulndn't Say"......

("Words I Couldn't Say", by Rascal Flatts. Song title fits, but not the song. lol)

I'm not sure what words I could use to describe today??? I'm sure there are a few "choice" words I could use, but I won't. (My mom could be reading this! ;) )

I've been really bummed out about my "new" computer not allowing Photoshop CS to install properly. I figured that since the computer is still "new" and not full yet, I'd do a restore and just start fresh.

In true "Tammy" fashion, things did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Trevor tired to help me for a bit, but his suggestions didn't work either. Yes, my computer restored to it's factory settings, but now I was having problems getting connected to the internet. To add even more confusion, I'd have a router to install and set up too so that the kids could use the internet on the laptop.

After many hours (I'm too embarrassed to give exact times) of frustration, I finally just decided to try a restore again, this time, unplugging everything and getting some of the miles of wires under control. I even moved a few things around on the desk.

Eventually, after a little shouting match of misunderstanding with Dennis, I got the monster working again! With a big sigh of relief, the laptop is connected too! Ahhhh!

If all goes well, (I can be hopeful, right?) I will try to install Photoshop. I can't help but fear the beast, so I am off to bed a little earlier than normal in hopes of having a clearer mind tomorrow. AND, if all goes better than expected, I will soon have scrapbook pages done, as well as many other Photoshop related projects.

Wish me luck and minimal screams! ;) *sigh*


Friday, July 31, 2009

"Happy To Be Stuck With You"....

(A song from the '80's by Huey Lewis & the News)

Ten years ago, on this day, I married my best friend. Ten years is a "milestone anniversary", but we've actually been together for 18 years now.

Neither of us is afraid to admit that our marriage has not exactly been a fariytale, and we both agree that nothing could ever come between us, ever. Over the years, we've learned a lot and gained a lot too. Yes, weight included! haha

I still get giddy and watch or listen for Dennis to get home from work. I do miss him while he's gone, but since having cell phones, he's sure to call me every day while on his lunch break. (I think he misses me, too!)

Dennis has the ability to make me laugh as well as cry. He has also learned how to deal with me at times when I couldn't understand myself.

Last year, he did something he doesn't like to openly admit to too many people. He took me to a Kenny Chesney concert, and we had a great time. As much as he dislikes them, he also goes to my family reunions and tries so hard not to show me how much he really doesn't want to be there. He does it for me. It isn't just a one-way street. I've made many sacrafices to make him happy too, but when I think about it, I probably haven't done near as much for him as he has for me. (Got to work on that!)

He's my mechanic, handyman, carpenter, "pool boy", landscaper, grounds keeper, bread winner, plumber, provider, best friend, comedian, teddy bear, partner in crime, love of my life, my better half (hey, Brad! A Keith Urban song there!), my knight in shining armor, etc.. etc. I could go on and on. All that, wrapped up into one big package.

I am so blessed beyond words, even when we have our "bad" days, deep down I still love him. We both agree, and just can't fathom the thought of us ever being apart. Coming from divorced parents, and knowing others that have gone through it, we will both do everything possible to stay together and there is nothing that would even make us want to part. We're in it for the long haul. :)

After 18 years together, 10 years married, and 4 children later, we still are in awe about how we feel about each other. We never imagined it could be this good and hasn't gone stale. There are always new adventures awaiting us and there's really nothing that we can't or haven't conquered on the way. I look forward to more "milestone" anniversaries and growing old with him. I love you with ALL of my heart, Dennis!
I love this pic of the two of us...we really do laugh a lot! :

Dennis STILL carries this pic of us in his wallet. It was taken about a month after we'd met:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"The Heat Is On"......

(Had to do this for Brad. It's a Glenn Frey song.)

The past few days we've finally got a good taste of summer. We've been waiting for summer to arrive, since it had been so rainy and the temps had barely reached 80 degrees for so long.

Today, I think, has been the warmest. The heat with the high humidity made today just barely tolerable. Tomorrow, the weatherman is predicting rain. Great for the garden, but it won't help the tan!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This one's for you, Brad!

Did you notice that the last 2 entries had no song titles?? Hahaha!!

Sleeping arrangements...

The boys were pretty rough on the old beds that were given to us from Uncle Larry. One bed was broken beyond repair, thanks to my over-active and bouncy boys. My mom gave Brad a double bed and we decided to give Brad's old bed to Corey and Collin. They know the importance of this bed, since it is the very bed that their dad slept in when he was young. Collin knows this and was telling Corey all about everyone that has used that bed in our house. He knew that Brad had it just before they did, and Trevor had it before Brad. He told Corey that I slept in it before that and his dad slept in it first. (There we go again....I think they see us as siblings?? lol)

At first, they were pretty good with having the old "different" bed. They'd alternate each night until Corey decided they should sleep in it for a week at a time before they'd switch again. That was alright for a while, too, until they forgot what day of the week they'd started with.

Tonight, I got a bit frustrated by all of the bickering. Collin came to me asking if whoever cleaned the bed off (tons of stuffed animals!) to sleep in it should be "the one" that gets to sleep in it that night. I thought it sounded pretty fair, at first, until I asked who'd slept in it the night before....Collin did!

We were "brainstorming" how to solve this problem. Bunk beds were mentioned and I told them that bunk beds wouldn't change much because they would both want the top bunk and they'd fight over that. They each gave each other reasons as to why they should get the top bunk. Corey told of how he would not be afraid if the Johnson's made a zip-wire from the roof of their house to our pool, he would not be afraid of how high up it would be. Collin told Corey that he is not one bit scared of heights. It became a competition until Collin decided that 2 sets of bunk beds would solve the problem. He even showed me where the bunk beds would be positioned in their room.

So you see, my boys can fight over things that they don't even have. I'm not quite sure just how we'll fix this problem and I'm sure there will be many more fights over it until we figure it out.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who got "the" bed was Corey!

A twinism......

I overheard a conversation between Corey and Collin tonight. Corey was asking Collin what would happen if one baby is born at 11pm and then the other at 1am? He didn't say it in so many words, but I think what he was getting at was, would they still be considered twins? They then began to talk about Dennis and me. I'm not sure if they see us as twins too, or maybe even siblings? lol Dennis and I are pretty close in age, born the same year and about 3 weeks apart. Because of the closeness in age, I think that is why they think we have to be somehow "related" to each other? I often wondered when they were so small what they'd think of them being twins or if it would even mean anything at all to them. It's quite obvious that they know that they are twins themselves and kind of neat that they talk about their "twin-ness".

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"On the road again"........

("On The Road Again, Willie Nelson)

A big "thanks" to Trevor's biological father for helping him out with some cash to purchase a "new to him" car. Trevor bought it from a friend and I called the car insurance the day before to get quotes to see if it would be better for him to stay under my insurance or if he should go on his own.

I was surprised, and it ended up being a win-win! YAY! Trevor's insurance will only cost him around $60/month (less than half of what he was paying before), and my premium will go down a little over $800!! Yippee!!

His car is a 1995 Cavalier and even though it's not in "show room" condition, it's the nicest car he's had yet. (Please pray that he takes care of this one, thanks!) Let's hope I won't have to play "taxi" anymore or be stuck here without a vehicle. :)

Here's his car:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Live those songs again.....

("Live Those Songs Again", by Kenny Chesney)

So many songs have made an impact on me. Lately, my blog has been taken over by song titles, in a way (this post included!). lol Brad finds it annoying that he can say just about anything to me and I can relate it to a song. I've loved music of all types for as long as I can remember. I even had one of those little Fisher Price record players, then graduated to the Mickey Mouse record player that played real records and then I just continued from there.

Music has always been in my life. Some of my best memories of my dad were of him and his listening to music. We had a big console stereo in the living room (the one we didn't dare sit on the furniture) and he'd lie in front of it and just listen and even sing to the songs. He'd sometimes make his own 8-tracks and I remember that we were not allowed to make a sound and we had to be very still so the "quality" was not ruined. I'll never forget, and wish he still had the recording he made of me, on 8-track. I sang, "Dasher With The Light Upon His Tail", by Kitty Wells. I have that song in my collection today and when I hear it, it takes me back to that day I sang it when I was so young (5 or 6 maybe?). I remember, too, when I was a little older, that while mom and dad were at work, I'd sneak out dad's Billy Joel album ("Glass Houses") and crank the stereo and just sing, or my 12th birthday when my parents were freshly separated and dad got me the "Down Under" album by Men At Work. I still have the album and I'd be willing to bet that I still know all of the words by heart. When I still had a record player that worked, as I got older and newer songs came into my life, I'd get that album out on my birthday and play it. Sometimes, it would make me cry, but not always.

I also have vivid memories of riding the school bus and Mr. Long would allow Kerry Graver to play his portable 8-track player. Imagine, a whole bus full of grade-school kids, singing and stomping to Queen's "We Will Rock You". I can remember, too, that I enjoyed when it rained because we were allowed to bring records to school and listen to them in the classroom when we couldn't go out for recess. John Harvan and I shared a love of music and we became good friends because we shared the same interest in music.

It carried over into Jr. High when we'd have a dance and we were allowed to bring our records to school for that. I never once danced. I was always by the record player.

Of course, by now, everyone knows that I am a big Kenny Chesney fan. His song, "I Go Back", pretty much sums it all up. You hear a song and it takes you back to that moment. A song comes on the radio and you slip off, back to that time. If you've never heard it, here it is:

I think that's what originally drew me to Kenny. Most of his songs are like stories that are so easy to relate to and they're like stories put to music. Some of his songs remind me of different family members or friends or different times in my life. I have yet to hear one of his songs that I dislike. He is just amazing.

It's not just Kenny, though. There are so many artists from so many genres that I enjoy. I'll listen to just about anything. So many songs still put goosebumps on my arms when I hear them. My iPod contains quite a variety. Some are just strange, but then again, I'd bet if you looked at your friends and families' playlists, you may be surprised too!

My most recent iTunes purchase was 2 songs: "Then" by Brad Paisley (awesome song, makes me think of me and Dennis!) and "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's (a fun, and strange song).

My iPod contains (other than Kenny) some Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Metallica, Salt N Pepa, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Tom Petty, Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley, Crystal Gayle, Br5-49, Flo Rida, Blue Grass Hymns, and so much more. I won't even get into my Christmas collection...I have so so many of them!!

I like that I have so much variety in my taste of music. There are times that I just have to hear a song. It all depends on the mood I am in. I love that I can have it whenever I want it. (I swear, the iPod was the greatest invention)! It's hard for me to believe that there are people that really don't enjoy music. Some just don't. I often wonder, too, if maybe I like it a little too much? LOL

Monday, June 29, 2009

Almost Paradise.....

I'm still going strong with song titles! Remember the duet, "Almost Paradise"? Mike Reno (from Loverboy) and Ann Wilson (from Heart). Very popular in the 1980's....

Anyway, I took the boys down to the backyard (I say "down" because you have to go down a BIG hill to get to it!) for some swimming. I wasn't feeling up to swimming, so I took a lounge chair, cell phone, camera, sun screen, bottled water, and a tablet & pen along. I kicked off my flip flops and settled into my lounge chair. After a little while, I decided to do some "old style" is what I wrote:

"It's 3:53pm, to be exact. As I sit here on my lounge chair by the pool, my senses are arroused by the sights, sounds, and textures all around me.

Are you picturing serenity? Oh Puh-leeezzzz! Corey and Collin are splashing each other and fighting over a float. They both got one for Easter from their Memmy Hedmeck. They were told not to take them from the package until they were ready to be used. So, in short, Collin's float somehow survived.

Oh, the delightful sounds, Corey whining and Collin's "Mom! Wipe my eyes!" every 3 seconds or so. Corey will soon be swimming in his own tears and I'm wondering how long Collin will let this continue? I've already warned that too much fighting will warrant a "sit out" for a few minutes or the rest of the day if necessary.

Between screams, I aslso hear the wind blowing through the trees. There is a real nice breeze and it makes this spot, at least, more enjoyable.

Just minutes ago, I captured some of these delightful moments with my camera.....Ahhh.....the love.....

4:04pm and they are now giggling, and not surprising to me, sharing. Stay tuned for more fighting in, my guess...., 10 minutes or so.

Every once and a while, I hear the sounds of an ATV, but I hear the constant sound of heavy machinery from across the street. I'm not sure what is being done over there, we hear the sounds so often and slowly see progress. THe owner of the storage units built a big bridge and is preparing the land on the other side of it for something? More storage buildings, maybe?

Ok, I was wrong! 4:08pm and the fighting continues. I try so hard to enjoy myself that I have my eyes lying to me.......they see it as syncronized swimming. Until it looks like there is a shark in there, I'm just going to let them sort it out for themselves....for now.

4:13pm, final warning, both in agreement that they don't want to get out. They are playing a game, similar to "Marco Polo"......that was, until Corey got a mouthful of water, went to the side of the pool and dry-heaved. Upon hearing this, Collin joined in....neither could produce anything. By the time they got to the steps of the pool, to let me know that they are fine, 1 towel has blown into the water. Oh boy! Let's just see what happens when it's time to get out. Two boys and one towel.........I don't even want to think about it!

In just a little over an hour, Dennis will be home, the boys will be prunes (hopefully not wounded prunes) and I will be whipping something up for supper. Not even sure what yet? Until then, I am going to enjoy this lovely day, snap a few pics and let my mind carry me off to the peaceful place it should be. Ahhhhhh.......

As it turns out, within minutes of my putting the tablet and pen away, Dennis pulled into the driveway. I wasn't sure why he was home early? He went in the house and didn't come down to us like I'd thought he would. Corey and Collin were done swimming and we headed up to the house. No big ordeal over the one towel like I thought there'd be! We were heading up the basement steps when I heard the shower was on. It then clicked! Dennis had an appointment to have a wisdom tooth removed!!

Dennis went to the dentist and was back in no time. He ran to the store and I prepared a delicious meal of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (from the box...blah!).
I was sooooo close to paradise today and I look forward to trying to find it again, tomorrow. Weather permitting, of course. *Sigh*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last night.....

Brad hates that I do this, but again, the title is not about the song by The Travelling Wilburys. I can pretty much take anything that he says and relate it to a song. Gift or nuissance, I'm not sure, but it's kind of fun for me.

So, speaking of last night, (my whole intent of this entry!).......It was 11pm or later, 11:30pm at the latest. I was at the computer enjoying the peace and quiet after a roller coaster day. I thought I heard something and when I looked behind me, there he was.


He had such a look on his face and I wasn't prepared for what I was about to hear........

Corey: "Mom"

Me: (with a slight whisper) "What, Corey?"

Corey: "I can't sleep good. I need a Temprapedic Bed. It automatically adjusts to my size."

Me: (holding back the laughter) "Well, I'll have to see what we can do about it"

Corey: (walking away) "I can sleep in it for 90 days without paying for it and then if I want it we can buy it"

I couldn't help but laugh. I also wasn't sure that I should. I must be allowing too much tv time for him to be a walking infomercial. Yikes!

I'm hoping Corey gets some good sleep tonight, on his "regular" bed, and if he should happen to snore, I will probably recommend the "Breathe-Rite Strips". Oh, and I can't forget the "Sham-Wow" for the tv screen. It's a bit dirty. ;)


No, I don't mean the song by the Beatles. ;) What a day it was. So full of ups and downs. I guess I should be grateful that it wasn't just downs, that would've been horrible.

I started my day with an appointment. I had to go to the St. Luke's, Miner's Memorial Hospital in Coaldale for an ultrasound. I'm having "woman" problems right now and Dr. Miller wanted the test done to rule out or find the cause of it.

I had a "moment" while having the ultrasound done. I am quite emotional lately, and this didn't help. The U/S tech was so nice. We talked and that helped the time pass. As I was lying there with my full bladder, it took me back to the pregnant me. Remembering each pregnancy and the excitement of seeing the child growing inside of me on that little screen. That wasn't the case yesterday and it was just ackward. I told the tech that I wouldn't be looking at the screen because I am such a worry wart and I have no idea what I'm looking at and I don't want to have myself thinking that I am seeing something more than what is there. She thought that was a good idea, and even though she's not supposed to tell me, she let me know that I really shouldn't lose any sleep. ;)

We continued to talk, and I told her about my first ultrasound of my last pregnancy. I remember, on July 3, 2001, I had the ultrasound because Dr. Miller and I were concerned. This ultrasound was in Lehighton, and it was just as scary. I tried to see the screen, but it wasn't positioned so that I could see. The ultrasound seemed to be taking forever. I remember thinking that the tech was searching for a heartbeat and just couldn't find it. I waited, and waited until finally, she turned the screen my way and showed me the TWO tiny sacs. TWINS!! I cried! I laughed! I cried, and I laughed again. I couldn't wait to get out of there and tell EVERYONE! (Which is what I ended up doing!)

Ok, back to the ultrasound yesterday. Like I said previously, the tech really isn't supposed to tell me anything. She did tell me that my left ovary is up pretty high and that my (guys, turn your heads here..........) uterus is enlarged. Probably from the twin pregnancy? I will see Dr. Miller on Tuesday and we will discuss the results and where to go from here.

After my appointment, I went to pick up my boys. The youngest 3, anyway. I had dropped them off with their dad because he doesn't work all that far from the hospital. Dennis and I were both a little shocked that Brad wanted to go along, since he rarely wants to go anywhere. We're thinking maybe just knowing that Dad would be taking them to McDonald's for lunch was the reason, or maybe he is actually interested in what his dad does for a living? :) (Honestly, it could be both!)

I picked the boys up, and of course, they were quite dirty. They always get that way when they "hang with Dad". LOL We wanted to visit Memmy Hedmeck (Dennis' mom) while we were in the area, but unfortunately, she wasn't home. :( We found out when we got home that she stopped by our house while we were gone.

I wasn't sure what we were going to do last night. My nephew, Theodore, had a baseball game at 8pm. My brother, Ted, called and reminded me and that's when I decided I would go. I LOVE watching kids play baseball. Corey and Collin wanted to go along too, which was alright with me, especially since Dennis hasn't been feeling too good lately. The poor man is dealing with fatigue, backache, headache, and toothache all at the same time. He has a sick feeling in his stomach too. I feel so bad for him. :(

We were running just a little late, but we made it to the game. It really didn't matter that we were late, since the other team didn't make it on time and the game before took a bit longer. I chatted with my brother and my nephew while my boys kept pesting to go to the concession stand. This, after they had eaten several times before we even left the house. I think they just wanted the stuff because it was there. There is no way they could've been hungry and I eventually put my foot down and they stopped pesting.

Finally, the game started. Theo's team took the outfield. He was in right field and the boys thought they saw him playing other positions, but with so many boys in the same uniform, I guess it was hard for them to tell which one was him.

Since I am a facebook addict, I texted my status...a few times. Finally, there were three outs and Theo's team was up to bat. It ended up that the bases were loaded. Theo was up next. He was swinging the bat, warming up as he went towards the batter's box as I cheered him on. He was just about in position when the coach called for a time-out. I was dumbfounded. What??? The coach then had someone pinch-hit for Theo!! Pardon my "french", but WTF??? Theo was then put on the bench. :( My heart sank. You could see that Theo was upset and hurt. I was upset and hurt that they could do such a thing! My brother was fuming as well. Ironically, the boy that was to pinch-hit STRUCK OUT!!! Ok, this really ticked me off!!

My brother had enough. He went over to the dugout and asked Theo if he wanted to just leave. He didn't have to play for this team if this is how they were going to treat him. Ted asked the coach (a 19 year old) why he did that, to which his response was, "Theo doesn't perform". Ted then asked how much money they would be making if they won the game....with a cocky look and a smart mouth, the coach called my brother an idiot and told him that he knew they didn't get paid......EXACTLY!!! That's the point Ted was trying to make. IT'S JUST A GAME! It got a little heated and then finally, my brother walked away. He didn't need his son to hear anymore. The coach should have known better than to even say the things he did as my nephew sat there.

The game went on and on, with Theo's team falling further and further behind. The other team was going through their batting line-up again and again. Some boys even got to bat twice in one inning. Finally, after seeing his son on the bench for so long and the anger and frustration building up, Ted went over to the dugout one more time. He told Theo that he would have to go. He couldn't stand to see how they were treating Theo and he was going to make some phone calls to someone "higher up". He couldn't stick around because he was afraid of it getting too heated and he didn't want to cause trouble. Theo was ok with that, and my brother was on his way. As my brother walked away, the coach gave a big smile to his buddies, adding more salt to my wound. Theo's team would then take the outfield, and since my brother was gone, they put him back out onto the field. GRRRRRR!!!!! More salt!

Honestly, I am confused. I'm not sure what I should take from this experience. I know that some things never do change. I went through something similar when Trevor played ball. Baseball was his life. (His words!) He was mistreated and mis-coached (if that even is a word). It was because of his size. :( Eventually, Trevor did show them! The team rarely won a game, so the coach decided to have his own kind of fun and he let Trevor pitch, Trevor did pretty good! It eventually came to the point that when Trevor was up to bat, the other team's coach would tell the outfield to "back up". I am hoping that Theo gets the same chance one day and he really shows them what they've missed out on. He's a great kid, and a great ball player. I am very proud of him.

It's unfortunate that history does repeat itself. There will always be "those" coaches that play favorites and don't give others a chance. They are there to win, rather than teach the boys the fundamentals of the game and to make it a great experience, rather than destroy their self-esteem. It just breaks my heart. :(

I kept up with facebook while at the game and got many comments. When I got home, I hopped online to add to what had already had me fuming. I am so grateful for the friend that I have that offered their ears to me. One of my friends opened a chat box and we chatted some. I wasn't expecting to hear what she told me.....the class lists were posted at the elementary school. I was almost ready to tell her I had to go and I would've gone in the dark to look at the lists. I put in a request for my boys to be in the same class, and to have the teacher that I had in 2nd grade. Of course, I didn't want to cut my friend short (couldn't do that). The very next thing that she told me was that she saw my boys' names on the list........they are Mrs. Lewis' class!!! YAY!! My request was honored!!!

So many ups and downs in one day. I am so thankful for a happy ending. **By now, I'm sure anyone reading this is happy that I am finished......for now! ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad Habits......

I am not a nail biter, never was. I do, however, have an addictive personality. I am addicted to Zimmie's Iced Tea (a drink that most of the "locals" are addicted to), cigarettes (shamefully), and late nights. I'm afraid that I am going to fall into this rut and not be able to get back out. I've been staying up way too late for way too many nights now. Funny thing is....I haven't had a daytime nap since I've been staying up so late. So weird. This morning I crawled out of bed at 10am, that's something I haven't done in a while either.

As I sit here, there are bingo numbers going by. I don't like this game (large frame), so I just waste some more time. I am playing Bingo on Dennis' Facebook account because, yes, I am addicted to Bingo too.

Thankfully, the kids are on summer break and for now I can get away with this. I will tell myself that I can gradually get back to a more normal schedule, but another of my bad habits is procrastination. (Just ask Dennis, he'll tell you!)

One of these days, I'll have myself on a better schedule, I hope.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'd settle for a slow down.....

I think everyone knows that I am a country music fan. "Slow Down" is a song by Dierks Bentley. The title of the song is more meaningful to me today than the actual lyrics. The song is about a woman leaving him and not even looking back. Oh, I could go on, but I just wanted to say that I am ready for things to settle down here at home, and in my own mind. I'm feeling like I'm in over my head lately.

I've taken on some bad habits, like staying up way to late at night. In the past few nights, my head hasn't hit the pillow until nearly 3am. A big "no-no"! I don't want to fall into that schedule but it looks like I'm heading in that direction. While the kids don't go back to school until Aug. 31st, I don't want to sleep their vacation away. I stay up late on the internet and then before I can actually go to sleep, I read. (I have to admit, I'm reading more and more books of late and so far, I've enjoyed most of them!)

I'm waking in the morning like I have in the past and it scares me. It is a bit hard to type this now because of how shaky my hands and body are. There is so much weighing on my mind that I'm afraid that I'll send myself backwards and I'm trying so hard to fight it. There are a few things going on with my family and my health that I am worried about and I should have some answers soon, so I'm hanging on to dates and once I get past them, I should be just fine. Depression and anxiety are a bad combination and even though I take medication, I still feel it's presence and when it builds up like it is now, I have to try to control it. It's not at all easy. I contimplate taking more meds, but being the pill hater that I am, I somehow manage to get through it without the pills. It's somewhat of a mind game and the "cheat" is staying positive. Let things happen as they will and don't worry about them until they actually happen. "Cross that bridge when you come to it", is the mentality that I have to keep. I'm trying.

I looked forward to the boys' last day of school and the start of summer vacation. I thought things would get easier, but that's not happening. Life is just whizzing right by and I'm finding myself too busy to do some of the things that I had hoped to have time for on a less hectic schedule. It's so strange. While no one really wants to get older, I'm finding myself not wanting to, simply because of how much faster it goes as I age. It's not just happening to me, but to everyone around me. It's like a race, and those that can handle it are in the front of the pack while I struggle to even keep up. I'm hopeful that I will find the way to be able to manage it all, I just need time to come up with a plan. *Sigh*

My Aunt Pat and I will never end a phone conversation on a bad or sad note, so I will do the same with this entry.....

I know that God is by my side through this. He's been sending me some signs and I am very aware of them. Again, country music fan here, there is a song by Travis Tritt that is a real pick-me-up. Yesterday, Dennis' car got him to work but wouldn't be able to bring him home without being fixed. As much as I didn't want to make that trip to pick him up from work and take him to the junk yard (I had things I wanted to do here at the house), I almost had no choice. As soon as the boys and I got into the van and buckled, I started the van and that Travis Tritt song had just started, "It's A Great Day To Be Alive". I hear that song and know that everything will be alright. Weird thing is.....I don't have that song on CD or even on my iPod. It just comes on the radio at just the right time. God is so great!

****I'm sure there will be days with Kenny Chesney refrences. LOL ( <------ HA! I at least got his name in this post!)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Going to the chapel.......

I don't quite remember what day it was last week but I remember how serious Corey was when he asked me to talk with him in private. He had something very important to talk to me about and it was even more important that no one else hear our conversation. If you should happen to see Corey, please don't ask him about what I am about to post. He'll know that I let the "secret" out. Corey, if you are reading this I hope you appreciate the fact that I blogged this and you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed our conversation.....

Like I was saying, Corey needed to talk to me in private. We went into my bedroom and Corey was so happy when he closed the door and saw that my door has a lock (his doesn't). He locked the door and then sat on the bed with me. In his cutest little whispering voice, I wasn't sure what to expect, and then he layed it on me..... He's getting married and needs my help with the wedding plans!

His main concern was the cake. It had to have a boy and girl on the top, that is, until I explained to him that it didn't have to. His dad's and my cake had two hearts. I asked him if he remembered seeing pics of my wedding, and he did, but he didn't remember the cake. He did remember the picture of his dad with cake on his face, hanging on the living room wall. He needed to know what that was all about too.

Invitations...we'd have to first make a list of who would be coming. Food......we need food to feed everyone that comes! He was so serious and was so sweet as we discussed all of this.

He asked me if I knew who he was marrying. I guessed "Kristen", but I was wrong. She was last week's love. ;) LOL He is going to marry "Madeline"! Wanting to know more about his future wife, I asked an important question, "Does "Madeline" know that you two are getting married?" To which, I got the response, "Not yet". Hmmmm.....he didn't "pop the question yet"...... I kept up and asked, "Does "Madeline" know that you like her? Does she like you?" (hey, you never know?) His response was that she knows and she does like him back. Then, with a somewhat "grossed out" or angry tone, he told me, "She tried to kiss me on the lips!!!" I wasn't sure what to say, but I know that first grade is just a bit too young to be kissing a girl. I responded with an, "Oh no!" and said that they are too young for kissing! He said that he didn't like that and he would not kiss her. He also reminded me of what he had told me once before, "You can't get married until you are at least 18 and older than Trevor." I guess, then, that I no longer have to worry. Corey will never be older than Trevor. ;)

It wasn't long after our conversation that Collin figured out how to get in to my room. He went in Trevor's room and came through the unlocked bathroom door that is shared between the rooms. LOL Corey was a little upset and wanted to know if Collin heard anything. He didn't and they both went giggling off to the living room to get back to their video games.

So, I'm sorry to say, there will be no wedding this summer, no wedding reception (hey, who doesn't like a wedding reception? ;) ). Corey's got lots of time yet and I'm sure there will be many more girlfriends before we find out who the lucky girl will be that he spends the rest of recess, um, I mean, his life with.

Corey, I know that when the time does come, you will make a wonderful husband (and father) one day! You've got such a big heart that is just overflowing with love to share. I love you bunches!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini Relay for Life

K, 1st, & 2nd grade from Mahoning Elementary
It's called a "mini" relay because the kids were only there for part of the day, not the whole day. Kids from all schools in the district participated and it was nice to see some family members that attend different schools. Four laps around the track is equal to a mile. They were sure to walk the 4 laps.

Before the event started, Mrs. Garfield was surprised and honored by a local radio station as "Teacher of the Week". I was so happy and excited for her. She teaches the Life Skills class at Mahoning and I feel she should be honored for more than just a week. She has 10 children in her class with special needs and she is so kind and sweet and adores her students and it shows. Congrats to Mrs. Garfield!
I hope to have a link soon so that as many people as I can get can vote for her to win "Teacher of the Year" (I think, it all happened so fast!). I want to try and get as many votes as possible for her and would love to see her win that. With that, she will also win $1,000! :)

I was surprised and happy to see my cousin Jeff's wife, Jessica there. She drives a bus and transported kids to the track. :) It was so nice to talk with her for a bit.

There's not a whole lot more I can say, so I'll just add some pics and a few descriptions.....

Fourth Grade teacher, Mrs. Rupell's daughter, Breann, singing, "The Star Spangled Banner" before the event started. It gave me goosebumps! She has an amazing voice!

Cousin Brook's daughter, Emily.

Cousin Brook's son, Lucas.

Cousin, Jen's son, "Marky"

"Marky" with his classmates

Cousin Troy's son, Nathan

My neice, Alyssa's little sister, Miranda

My landlady's grandson, Dakota and his friend


In no particular order........

****In Honor of: David Moyer****

The wind blew the poster and ripped it and I couldn't find the "sun" with Dennis' Uncle David's name on it. :(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He loves me....

I'm sure Kenny would love me, if he knew me, but I'm talking about Dennis. Kenny put out another Greatest Hits CD today. Dennis claims it was the last one in the store. He could be right, Kenny Chesney is awesome, or....he could just say that to make me appreciate it more? LOL Either way, I'm glad I got it and most of all, I'm glad I have a husband that allows "another man" in my life. There is one new song on the CD and the rest are, well, great hits! ;)

Good update of sorts

I'm not normally a "morning blogger" but it seems that I stay up way to late at night and I just never seem to get to it. I sent the boys off to school a bit ago and I'm going to try to update a bit.

The elementary school yearbook is finally done and out of my hands. I feel so free now. LOL I didn't have to do the entire thing this year (Thank You, Fenna!) but it was still more than I wanted to do. I just wasn't "into" it this year. Anyway, now I feel like I can get to the things I've been wanting to do without having a deadline hanging over me.

I've been feeling pretty good lately. I do have an addiction to facebook that I'm hoping will die down soon. Summer is coming and I'm not going to spend nearly as much time online. I am enjoying the re-connections that I'm making and am hoping to get together with some old friends soon. Maybe a picnic?

There is a down-side to re-connecting, too, and I can't help but think about it since I've heard what I heard. Twenty-some years ago is a long time ago, yet it still bugs me. I will not dwell on it. It's in the past and too late to correct it anyway. I heard about a rumor about me when I was in high school that was absolutely not true. I am shocked that people would even believe it or even have that impression of me. Oh well.

Dennis has been working a lot. There has been pretty much overtime lately, but I can see that it is catching up to him. He's always tired and who wouldn't be? He works 10 hour days and Saturdays. He has just Sunday off but with so much he wants done at the house or with cars or lawn equipment, he's just drained. :(

Trevor is without a car again. UGH! We don't like to call him a liar, but we're not too sure that we completely buy his story. Long story short, he took his car sideways and off of the road. We Thank God that he wasn't hurt. I'm not good with "mechanic lingo", but he cracked part of the axel and did damage to the frame. So, now, we play taxi to get him to work and back.

Bradley is doing a little better in school. He was having problems with being bullied. He lost weight and just doesn't care about anything anymore. It's heartbreaking. He's a great kid and very smart, but there is just something lost about him. He's dreading this Friday and wants me to let him stay home from school, but he's missed enough as it is. Friday is Maroon & White Day. They divide the school into 2 teams (maroon & white-school colors) and they compete in various events. He is not at all athletic and he's a big complainer. Exercise won't hurt him and I've told him to just do what he can and have fun with it. Laugh!

Corey is doing really well in school. He made "Student of the Month" for the month of May. I'm seeing a big improvement in his handwriting. He came home with a trophy and a medal yesterday. He now knows: how to count to 10 in Japanese, all 44 presidents (in order), all 50 States and their capitals. He learned all of this on top of his "regular" school work. I'm so proud of him! He's made so many friends in school. His best friend, however, is Collin, his brother! :)

Collin is doing great too! His handwriting still needs some work, though. Wow!! He writes like his dad and his brother Brad. lol He isn't the easiest to get up in the morning, but once he's up he's raring to go and like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going. He's been getting better at getting his homework done in a timely manner. He lost a tooth this past Sunday and hoped the "Tooth Fairy" would give him $2 for it. Of course, the fairy did. He gave a dollar to his brother. Soooo sweet!

Last Thursday I chaperoned a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. I hope to get pics up from that. There really weren't too many pics. Not my "norm". lol It was quite hectic and I was too worried about the kids that I was responsible for. They went wild like the animals once we were there! lol The boys loved it!

Tomorrow, the boys will be walking in a "Mini Relay for Life". A few staff members in their school and in the district have dealt with cancer. Some won their battle and sadly, some lost. For $1 the boys could purchase a sun ("In Honor of") or moon("In Memory of") that will have the name of the person they are honoring in the walk.

They will be walking "In Memory of"

  • Memmy Frohnheiser (my grandmother, my mom's mom)
  • Bobby Stuckley (my cousin)
  • Grammy Edwards (Dennis' grandmother, his mom's mom)
  • "Dinch" Meinhart (family friend)
  • Rick Wentz (friend)
  • Judy Breiner (my mom's cousin, and a wonderful person)
  • Linda Hutnick (my step-mom's sister)

They will be walking "In Honor of"

  • Betty Stuckley (my aunt, and the woman I most admire)
  • Diane Moser (a good friend that loves the boys!)
  • Jerry Cawley (mom's bf, they adore him!)
  • Uncle Glenn (we're leaving it at that..he wants to keep it private)
  • David Moyer (Dennis' uncle, his dad's brother)

Of course, I plan on being there to take pics and to gleam with pride. :)

I hope to come back with more updates and Moyer Tales soon.....

I'd like to wish Corey Meinhart a Happy Birthday in heaven today. He would be 37. We named our Corey after him. He is missed so much by so many. He was Dennis' best friend and in the short time that I got to know him I could see why he was liked so much. He was so much fun and had an awesome attitude. I'm hoping that anyone reading this will listen to my plea. Remember to show respect to those who choose to drive a motorcycle. Corey was killed on June 25, 1995 when he was hit by a motorist that didn't pay attention to him. We love and miss you, Corey! Happy Birthday and keep them all laughing up there in heaven!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Title Necessary........

I've got so much going through my head today that I figured I'd come here and just see what happens. It may be a bit sporatic and unorganized, but if you know me, this is nothing new for me. My fingers are extremely "antsy" so I'm letting them loose!!

First off, I am thinking of my dear friend, Anissa today. Today is surgery day and she is having an Acoustic Neuroma removed. She's been in my thoughts and prayers daily, and if you are reading this and wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate prayers for her. Thanks!


I was hoping to come up with something amazingly funny and really "out there" because today is "April Fool's Day". Nothing. Sorry. Everyday has an "April Fool" in it somewhere. It could be that one (or more) "duh" moment(s) or just events in a day that just seem so far off that I wonder if I'll just wake up from such a silly dream. One thing, though, that I am most grateful for is my sense of humor. I LOVE to laugh and make people laugh. Smiling is contagious and everyone should catch it!!

I think it was last week, maybe the week before, I'm not sure? Anyway, I was doing laundry. Surprise, surprise! lol If it's piled up enough, which it usually is, I try to separate the darks according to who they belong to. I had enough of Brad's to make a full load......I threw it in the washer along with the Downy Ball. Through the magic of this blog, I don't have to tell you all of the other things I did while it washed......Tah dah!......I was switching it over to the dryer when what to my wondering eyes did I find at the bottom of the washtub?......Money, nope...(Brad is tight with his money and doesn't carry it in his pockets. He'll never make me rich!) ......a pencil or pen with goopy ink?.....Nope.......I don't like to torture, so I'll just tell you. I found a ziploc bag! Oooohhh and it looked like there was something in it, but what? It had a little bit of a yellowish tinged liquid and some seeds or something in it. Upon closer inspection.....I discovered that it was the remains of pickles! Bread and Butter pickles, to be exact. Definately one of my strangest finds. I had to laugh and have to admit, I was a bit puzzled about that one! LOL

Later that day, when Brad came home from school, I asked him about the baggie. He confirmed that, yes, he did in fact have pickles in a baggie, in his pocket. Hmmm? Well, you know how it is, being a teen and going to school, study hall, hunger, etc. I don't remember when, but he said that the baggie did leak and he smelled like pickles for the rest of the school day. Thanks for letting me know, Brad, and I guess anyone could understand why I don't check pockets very often. Just imagine how I could've freaked out reaching into that! LOL

If you knew my Brad, you'd certainly understand. He has so many of my traits that I feel sorry for him, yet he's him and I love that about him too!

You'd think it would end there? No. Not in the Moyer house, and not with Brad living in it. He just totally cracks me up! We had another incident just days later with an even bigger Ziploc bag!

***Aunt Karen, I hope that you someday get to read this. You always tell me that I should write a book about how my life is. LOL I can just hear you chuckling at this and now wanting to encourage me to make a sitcom for tv! It's just too funny!**

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, the "bigger" ziploc. I was in the laundry room, of all places, this time folding some towels. Brad came to me from the dining room, carrying something to me. It resembled a large ziploc, but I was not at all sure of it's contents. It was filled with something of such a color that I don't think there's even a name for, and other familiar colors. It looked gushy and smooshy, disgusting, I guess you could say? He then asked me what he should do with it. Huh? I had to ask...."What is it Brad?" which he responded, "I wanted take something to school to eat with my lunch, but I forgot about it and it was in my book bag".....Ok.....I then asked, "What exactly did you take, Brad?".......he didn't remember, it was that long ago. He was already opening the bag trying to figure it out. Noooooooo!!!!!! "Don't open it Brad!!!" Too late. Oh My!!! It smelled pretty bad. I told him to quickly get it zipped shut and toss it in the trash! He did not act quickly and I could tell by the look on his face, there was more......He then asked me if he should dig the bowl and fork out of the bag? Eeeuuuwww!!! No, Brad, No. Just let it go.

I thought of two possibilities that day. #1.....That's probably where my "lost" silverware has gone, and #2.....That's where all of the ziploc's are going. Oh Brad!

It's just started raining here now. I just looked at the time, and it reminds me that I've got to get my shower. Before you know it, it will be time to pick the boys up from school and I don't like having to rush to get ready, so I'll be showered and ready early. I did enough cleaning for today, so I can shower without worrying about getting dirty again.

At 5pm the boys and I are going to GIANT with the rest of the Tiger Den. We will get a tour of the bakery. I've been told that it's actually lots of fun. We shall see.

I hope to be back later and will update on that, or maybe I'll have an "April Fool" to share?

Monday, March 30, 2009

"Someone is having a case of the Mondays!"

I don't like Mondays. Ok, well, maybe I do, it just seems strange to me that if something weird is going to happen, it happens on a Monday. I think that Mondays exist so that I have a day to complain about.
Today is Monday. Need I say more? Well, yes, I guess I have to or you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about.

It started as a fairly "normal" day in the Moyer house. Having used up all of my snooze's I had to get out of bed. Brad was up and ready to go. We watched the morning news and weather and then he was off to school.
I had about 20 minutes before it would be time to wake Corey and Collin. I went to the laundry room and gathered their clothing that should have been put away yesterday. I watched some more news and some more weather, but don't quiz me on what I saw. I watch it and get nothing out of it. (This is every day of the week, not just Monday.)
I tried several times to wake the boys. Mondays are the hardest for me to get them up. I usually sing something silly to them to get them giggling and then, before long, they add to the silliness too. They're awake, and it works! ;)
Like any other day, I start off a sentence for them to finish (I do it at night, too). "Today is........" and they fill in the blanks. So, "Today is....Monday, Day 1 (school schedule), March 30th, etc., etc. ....and then I realized "Today is....Spring Picture Day!! Ack!!! I didn't plan out what they'd wear, I didn't get them haircuts like I had hoped to, and by this time we were running a little behind schedule!
The boys both chose stripped shirts. If we don't like the pictures, we don't have to buy them and we didn't have to put any money out up front, so I can deal with that. I told the boys we had to hurry. They came out to the dining room and made sure they had their backpacks loaded and lunch money for the week. (They even put a cute SpongeBob sticker on their envelopes for the lunch lady!) I told them it was time to brush their teeth and that they should brush them extra good today for their pitures. In true "Corey fashion", he pipes up with, "I don't have to brush my teeth. I'm not going to show them when I smile. Michael can smile without showing his teeth." Only Corey! Ugh.
They both went in the bathroom and really didn't take that long. I got my shoes on, since we were running out of time! We hurried out the door and down the driveway.
When we got to the end of the driveway, we noticed something on the road. A little possum (I'm pretty sure it's spelled with an "O", but I don't like it. lol My spelling rules!) We wanted to investigate, but didn't want to get too close. I remember Aunt Linda telling me about the one in her yard that she thought was dead, tongue sticking out and everything, that scurried away! So, we stayed in the yard, just behind the guardrail and we looked. It didn't look like it was breathing, but with the wind blowing it's hair, it was hard to tell. It didn't look squished, so we still weren't sure. Our investigation soon ended because the bus pulled up.
With the boys on their way to school, I got closer to the possum. The animal lover that I am, couldn't bear the thought of this poor thing being run over, over and over again. As I watched for cars and stood in the street over this little creature, I was sure he/she was dead. I headed back up the driveway, went into the garage, and got a shovel. Back down the driveway, into the street, and I slid the shovel under it. It didn't move, and it wasn't very "stiff". He/she was a fresh kill. It wasn't easy getting him/her onto my shovel and a truck drove by and slowed down. I could see that they were looking at me and I can only imagine what was going through their heads. LOL Possum on the shovel, I now had to decide what to do with it. I walked into the woods a bit and layed him/her down at the trunk of a small tree. I (honestly, I'm not joking) said a few words, "Rest in peace little guy, or girl", to be exact, and I headed back up to the house. I didn't put the shovel inside the garage because I figured Dennis might want to hose it off. It wasn't messy or anything, it's just the thought. Poor little thing must have died from internal injuries. There was so little blood.
By this time, it was probably close to 8:30 am. I was thinking I should probably go in for a shower, but decided that YoVille was more important. I was still mourning the loss of this little creature that I only knew for a short time and for none of his life.
Of course, YoVille turned into Bingo, and Bingo turned into other places on the internet. I would get my shower eventually. I called Lois to see how Miranda was doing. I learned the night before that she was in Lehigh Valley Hospital with 2nd degree burns. We chatted for a little bit and then I let her go so she could get back to the hospital.
I'm not sure what time I called, but then I got my daily call in to my mom. We speak to each other often on the phone. She cracks me up sometimes! LOL I get my great sense of humor from her, I'm sure. We were talking about Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I was on the couch, looking out of my front window. I'm not sure why, but I then looked down at my feet. I was wearing TWO DIFFERENT SHOES!!! Just then, my cell phone rang and I knew it was very close to noon. Dennis calls me every day on his lunch break. I had Mom on my left ear and Dennis on the right. I had to tell them both about my discovery. LOL All mom could do was laugh. I know that I probably got that trait from her too! LOL Dennis asked about Miranda, I told him and he said he'd talk to me when he got home. Mom and I talked a little longer and then she had to go since she wasn't getting anything done either.
I had several more phone calls, and then finally, around 1pm I was finally headed for the shower. The shower went well, without incident. Well, except for the fact that Trevor had taken a shower a little earlier and used MY favorite towel! LOL
I did a little picking up before it was time to get the boys from school. We got home and we took a walk down to the woods so they could see the possum. (I wouldn't allow them to go into the street to see it, especially since we weren't sure that it was dead.) Of course, Corey did an, "Awwww, poor little thing". Corey is my compassionate one. And Collin, well, he wanted to poke at it with a stick! ****Shiver**** We looked at it in amazement. It's feet almost looked like hands and it's tail looked like canvas or maybe a rope. Part of it was gone. Then, we saw something just under the tail a bit. OH MY GOSH!! It was a "mamma" and it had a baby sticking out!! I then got a stick and moved the tail a It was not a "mamma possum" at all. **clear throat** It was a little "boy possum".
The rest of the day went on pretty much the same as any other. Phone ringing almost non-stop, the boys fighting and trying to come up with excuses not to do their homework, and me trying to get supper done.
What a day.....What a MONDAY!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not following the rules......

I'm breaking my own rule tonight. I've been trying to be in bed by 11pm. It's now 11:05 pm. I will pay for it in the morning and I will fight off a nap during the day, I'm sure. (Another new rule: NO NAPPING!)

I'm not the only one who has broken rules and had to suffer the consequences. Corey found out what it's like too. The school held a "school wide celebration" on Friday and he was not able to participate. He had 2 pink slips for bad behavior in the past few weeks. Two slips means no celebration.

I'll be the first to tell anyone that my kids are not angels. They don't always follow the rules no matter how blue in the face I get. I've been stressing to them from day 1, that bad behavior on the school bus or at school will not be tolerated. I was getting warnings from the bus driver about the boys and I've tried to correct that by not allowing them to ride the bus home in the afternoon. I think the almost hour long ride makes my boys antsy. We live 3 minutes from the school, yet my boys are the 2nd to last to get off of the bus. It's working out fine now, even though I'm not all that excited about having to go and get them every day.

One of Corey's pink slips was from a bad decision he'd made on the bus. He spit on a boy because the boy said he could run faster. Ugh. I questioned Corey about this and his response was, "It was just a little bit". UGH!! I explained that it didn't matter how much, it mattered that he did it. He was not thinking before acting!

The other pink slip was because of his behavior in the boys' bathroom. He was caught swinging on the stall door. Another case of not thinking before he acted. He knew it was wrong.

I understand school rules. I know that it is for the safety of the children and I know that proper behavior is expected. I am not against Corey's pink slips, although, it just about killed me to escort my crying son to the car on Friday afternoon. Everyone looked at him as he sobbed. I wanted to sob with him, even though I wanted him to learn his lesson too. It's so hard to see your child hurting so bad.

The school wide celebration was "game day". I volunteered to help with Bingo in the cafeteria. While some grades were playing Bingo, others were in classrooms playing the board games they'd brought to school. I think the salt in Corey's wound was that on Thursday (day before celebration) he wrote a letter to "Mom and Dad" asking if he could bring a board game to school. It was signed, "Love, Corey", and in his best handwriting. I'm pretty sure that the teacher had all of the students write a letter, but I don't think she'd realized that Corey was not participating in the celebration. It just wasn't like Corey to be in so much trouble and if either of the boys would be in trouble, we'd think it would be Collin. (He can be so devilish!)

So, here it is, now 11:24 pm. I'm still awake, but I know that I won't be as hurt as Corey was on Friday. Thankfully, there is one more school wide celebration this year. I'm sure Corey WILL be participating and hopefully, I'll be awake enough to volunteer my help.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interesting, to say the least.....

Almost every time I talk to my Aunt Karen, she tells me that my life is interesting and how much she appreciates my sense of humor. I love to laugh and I think it's a very important part of my life. I'm not sure where I got my sense of humor from? Probably both sides of the family. I'm so grateful for that. A day without laughter is a day....well, I'm not sure how the rest goes but if I were to finish it, I'd have to say, A day without laughter is a day that my pants stay dry. (Definately get that from Mom's side of the family! ;) LOL)

Sometimes, it's one of those, "you had to be there" things, but the past few days I am laughing at (with) my kids.

For example, the other day we were driving in the van when Corey pipes up with, " I know where John the Maniac lives". W H A T???? Turns out, he meant "John Stafiniack (Stuh-fin-e-ack). John is in a higher grade than Corey and also a boy we know from scouts. Ok.....guess you had to be there.

Tonight, Bradley is researching subliminal messages. HUH? Some may call him strange, but I think it's kind of funny, but neat, the way his brain works. He's already wanting me to try and wake myself everyday at 3am to read posters on my walls (have to be white with black lettering he says). Sure Brad! LOL

And then there's Corey, again. LOL Today his main objective was to keep track of how many times each of us has passed gas. Yes, you did read that correctly. We had to let him know if it was loud, silent, and each and every one of them was to be counted.

By now, you are probably thinking that there is something wrong in my house. Maybe too many fumes off of the furnace? No. We watch, probably too much, television. Not long ago we watched, "Myth Busters". Corey was amused by one of the myths about flatulence. Each of the crew on the show recorded what they ate and what made them gassier. Beans were a proven gas giver. lol So, in his own way, Corey is doing some Myth Busting of his own. LOL Ok,....maybe you had to be here for this one too. LOL I have to add, though, just for future reading that Dennis passed the most gas today. *wink* (Let's hope he's done, I'm soon going to bed!)

Alright, while I'm still on the subject, I guess I should add, too, that it's not just my immediate family. Just last Saturday night I received a phone call from Aunt Linda (mom's sister). I was to complete the following...... "Beans, beans the magical fruit..the more you eat the more you toot.....________________________. I learned that there is more than one ending to that, depending on where you grew up, and sorry, Diane, but I have to say that I'm somewhat glad that I didn't grow up in Jim Thorpe! *wink* LOL Now that I think of it, my dad grew up in Jim Thorpe so I will have to ask him how he thinks it ends. I'm not sure that it will match Diane's version. LOL (Message to self, ask Diane to repeat her answer so it can be documented!)

If you are reading this and made any sense of it, that's great. If not, just have a good laugh because you are so confused. If you are a member of my mom's side of the family, feel free to pee your pants. I know I will.....laugh. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He can breathe.....

Finally, after quite a few years of having a "mouth breather", Bradley had his adenoids removed today. We were to be at the hospital by 8:45am this morning and our timing was real good. We found a great parking spot and even better yet, as we were walking into the hospital we met up with Aunt Karen (dad's sister). She was going the same way we were, to the Short Procedure Unit (that's where she works. She schedules surgeries.).
Ted, if you are reading this, YES, Brad did wear his red "hoodie". LOL When we got to the SPU, Brad was given a room and instructed to put on a gown. He answered questions for the nurses and was excited about getting an IV put in. My son is strange. LOL I love him, regardless, but I do have to say that he is not like his mom when it comes to IV's and blood draws. (I always turn my head away and can't watch it being done!)

Dr. Wakstein came in and talked to us for a bit and it was soon time to head to the OR. I walked beside Brad's bed into the room where they prep you for the OR. We answered some questions for the anesthesiologist and Brad was starting to feel sleepy. He dozed off for a minute or two and woke up. Dr. Wakstein asked Brad if he knew what was going to be happening in a few short minutes, to which Brad replied, "an adenoidectomy" (the dr. and nurses found it amusing that he used that term lol). Dr. Wakstein then joked and told Brad that he thought he was giving him breast implants. Brad, half-asleep, gave a smile. Dr. W is a character! LOL He's very professional but has a sense of humor too!

It was time for me to go. Dr. W walked me to a little room that I could wait in until the surgery was done. Adenoid surgery was usually a 20 minute procedure. Not too bad. It felt much longer than that as I waited, and as hard as it was, I tried not to worry. (I worry all the time, especially about my boys!) Finally, Dr. W came to me and told me that everything went well. Brad was very swollen and the obstruction was quite large. He also has a bit of a sinus infection. Brad was still in recovery and I'd be able to go back to his room in the SPU soon.

I sat in that room for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Dr. W came and got me and told me a nurse was supposed to come and get me. They didn't know where I was. Dr. W and I chatted for a bit on the way back to Brad's room.

When I went into Brad's room, I was expecting to see a very groggy boy, but he wasn't. He looked good and was anxious to show me that he could breathe through his nose. He was in no pain. (Thank you, God.) Trevor was scheduled to work today, so he stopped up to see his brother before his shift started (so sweet!). Since Brad was doing so good, I asked Trevor to go with me over to Aunt Karen's office so I could have my pic taken with her. He snapped a pic, talked to Aunt Karen, walked me back over to Brad, and then went to work.

We had to wait for a while before they would release Brad. Brad and I chatted and giggled, stuff we normally do. lol He was ready to go home, but we couldn't leave because it was hospital policy. It was getting closer and closer to time to pick Corey and Collin up from school and I was starting to panic. My cell phone battery went dead because I was updating Dennis through texts. I couldn't call the school to have the boys ride the bus home, and I couldn't be sure that I'd be home in time to get them. I asked the nurse how long we'd be there and explained to her about the boys. She told me I should just go get them and Brad would be soon ready after my return. She said he was in good hands, and I didn't doubt that one bit. All of the nurses were so nice!

I raced out to the school, got the boys and went back to the hospital. Brad was getting dressed and no long after we were on our way. I couldn't wait to get home.

It's almost 9pm now, and Brad finally hung up the phone. He talked to his friend, Blake, from the time he got home until just a few minutes ago. He is in no pain and is feeling good. I, on the other hand, am worn out. lol I wish I could've came home and stayed here, but tonight Corey and Collin had scouts.

Now, I am home, will stay home and don't plan on leaving until tomorrow afternoon when I get the boys from school again. Whew!