Friday, September 26, 2008

Health Insurance, a complete turn around

I can remember, about a year ago, when I was so desperate for Dennis to get health insurance through his employer. We needed it soooo bad. The insurance that he had prior to that, at another employer was expensive and not so great.

Fast forward to today. I am so thankful to have this health insurance. I've already enrolled in a depression management program and I am currently waiting for my enrollment to be completed for two other programs. I should soon receive my quitting smoking packet and information, and then I'll get my packet for losing weight. I'm excited about getting healthy and I'm so happy that this all has been offered to me for FREE!!!

Today, I was even more thrilled, really it doesn't take much, but I went to an Optomitrist for an eye exam and new glasses. I've been wearing my current glasses for a little more than 6 years now.

I called on Wednesday and got an appointment for this morning at 10:30am. I am happy to report that my eyes are good and healthy and my lenses haven't changed a whole lot (my right eye was worse). I picked out frames and ordered the scratch cover for the lenses. I should have my new specs in about 2 weeks or less. Are you ready to hear how much I had to put out of my pocket???? Ok, since I've rambled so much already, I won't make you cost me just $20!! WOO HOOO!!

I'm sure I'll share a pic when I get them. :) I had no help in picking them out, so if I look like a dork it's because I've said, many, many times, that I am not good at making decisions. LOL

"See" you all soon! ;) (pun intended)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Substitue Teachers

I'm not sure why, but today Corey and Collin each had a substitute teacher. Corey loved his substitute, Mrs. Geiser. I asked Collin what his substitute teacher's name was. He then told me that he couldn't remember her whole name. He only remembered her first name. I asked what that was, and he said, "Mrs.". LOL

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A great read?

Not really. It's not a real magazine. My friend, Lisa, made one of these magazine covers and I really enjoyed it (she has such an adorable baby girl). I thought it would be fun to make one of Brad and my dad. (Brad still talks about how awesome Pappy's car is!) lol

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Monday, September 08, 2008

My two little Tiger Cubs

Tonight I took the boys to register for Cub Scouts. They've enjoyed going to functions and events when their big brother Brad was a Cub. I enjoy scouting just as much as the boys do and I was looking forward to this day.

Needless to say, I am now glad that we are at home and registration night is done. I missed out on most of it.

First, the Cubmaster spoke to the parents all about the pack, den, etc. All stuff that I remembered from when Brad was a cub. Then, it was time for the parents of the new cubs to get together and decide who would lead, where and when we would meet, etc.

That's when things got just a bit hectic..........The boys were playing with the other new scouts. They are friends with all of them, since they all attend the same school. Corey came over to me with red cheeks from playing, but he was also holding his hand near his mouth. He told me he had to "throw up". YIKES!!! I held my hand under his mouth because I didn't want anything to get on the carpeted floor. We made it to the bathroom and I got him all cleaned up.

I headed back to the parents to try and catch up on the discussion that I'd missed and they were telling me what they talked about when Collin came running over to me. Collin's hand was at his face, too, but he didn't have to vomit. His nose was bleeding. As soon as one of the dads saw this, he almost turned as white as a ghost. (I'm guessing he can't handle the sight of blood?)

I took Collin to the bathroom and it seemed like his nose just didn't want to stop bleeding. I couldn't take him back out to the others until it was done bleeding, especially after seeing that poor man's face.

Finally, Collin's nose stopped bleeding and we went back, only to find that all of the parents that I was to talk with had already left. The Cubmaster was still there with her son and he was playing with Corey. I bought 2 Tiger Cub books and we headed home. I'd had more than enough for one night. *sigh*

The boys are so excited about the next meeting. I'm not sure that I am. LOL

Oh, I almost forgot! The boys did earn a "map & compass" belt loop tonight. They were so proud and excited to show me the maps they made.

Both boys with their maps, books, and belt loops.


Collin (blood stains and all!)