Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ho Hum

I don't like that I don't get to blog very much lately. I get so tired at night (like now...ugh) and I mean to post more often, but I don't. I hope to do some updating soon.

Tonight, I will share a scrapbook page that I did a few weeks ago. I will update and post the credits soon. Somehow, I lost the paper that I wrote them on.

Credits: Template by Tami from TemplateScrapallye Spattered Stripes Background and Pitch That Sofa Background by Suzanne C. Walker (DSP) Font: Highland Perk

(BTW, my brother, Ted, and I are still very close but we don't run around in diapers anymore. lol) I love ya, Big Brother! :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This morning, Corey and Collin were up early. I didn't have to wake them. (That's unusual!) I was doing my own thing, folding laundry, when Corey came into the laundry room with a question for me. He asked me how old I would be when he was 18. I'm not one for math, especially so early in the morning, so without much thought, I just told him 50. He was fine with that answer so we let it go at that. He then told me that Trevor is 18, so he's old enough to be married. He then walked into the kitchen to his brother.

Corey told Collin that Trevor is 18 and he's old enough to get married. Collin added that when Trevor was 17, he could have had a girlfriend and then marry her at 18. Corey agreed and then asked Collin if he would get married when he was 18. Collin said, "yes". Corey then asked him, "Who would you marry"? I couldn't wait to hear the answer, it was such a cute conversation. Collin responded with, "Mom". To which Corey replied, "You can't marry Mom! She'll be 5o!"

My sweet little boys are just too much. LOL I still laugh just thinking about it. They will make fine husbands one day, but let's not rush it! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A patriotic song with a little buzz....

Just before his shower tonight, Collin was telling us that at school, every day, his class says The Pledge of Allegiance and then they sing a song. When he told us the title of the song we held in our laugh until he was down the hallway and we anxiously awaited his return so he could sing to us. What song did he sing?............

"My Country Tis A Bee"

It was the most beautiful rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee" that we've ever heard. (We also enjoyed the sweet land of liverty part!)

He's just so darn cute! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First Den Meeting as Tiger Cubs

As the Akelas (parent partners) to our little Tiger Cubs, we wanted to make our Den meetings as interesting and as fun as possible for our boys. We don't want them to lose interest because if they do, a meeting can quickly get out of control. Keeping things on a 6-7 year old level and keeping 7 boys busy, so far, isn't all that bad.

The Tiger Cubs

front:Corey, Aiden,

back:Michael, Jack, John, Roger, and Collin

For our first meeting as Tigers, we worked on earning our "Let's Go Outdoors" Achievment. We took a hike around the golf course and identified a few trees and we collected some leaves to be used in a project when we got back to the church (our meeting place).

When we got back to the church, Michael's dad had a project ready for the boys. They made pine cone bird feeders. After that was all cleaned up, the boys did leaf rubbings and we put them in their scrapbooks. It was a full and fun meeting and all of the boys could not wait for the next meeting! Mission Accomplished!

Ready to make pine cone feeders



Collin working on his leaf rubbing.

Corey working on his leaf rubbing.

Leader Jim reviewing what we learned tonight.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Health Insurance, a complete turn around

I can remember, about a year ago, when I was so desperate for Dennis to get health insurance through his employer. We needed it soooo bad. The insurance that he had prior to that, at another employer was expensive and not so great.

Fast forward to today. I am so thankful to have this health insurance. I've already enrolled in a depression management program and I am currently waiting for my enrollment to be completed for two other programs. I should soon receive my quitting smoking packet and information, and then I'll get my packet for losing weight. I'm excited about getting healthy and I'm so happy that this all has been offered to me for FREE!!!

Today, I was even more thrilled, really it doesn't take much, but I went to an Optomitrist for an eye exam and new glasses. I've been wearing my current glasses for a little more than 6 years now.

I called on Wednesday and got an appointment for this morning at 10:30am. I am happy to report that my eyes are good and healthy and my lenses haven't changed a whole lot (my right eye was worse). I picked out frames and ordered the scratch cover for the lenses. I should have my new specs in about 2 weeks or less. Are you ready to hear how much I had to put out of my pocket???? Ok, since I've rambled so much already, I won't make you guess.....it cost me just $20!! WOO HOOO!!

I'm sure I'll share a pic when I get them. :) I had no help in picking them out, so if I look like a dork it's because I've said, many, many times, that I am not good at making decisions. LOL

"See" you all soon! ;) (pun intended)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Substitue Teachers

I'm not sure why, but today Corey and Collin each had a substitute teacher. Corey loved his substitute, Mrs. Geiser. I asked Collin what his substitute teacher's name was. He then told me that he couldn't remember her whole name. He only remembered her first name. I asked what that was, and he said, "Mrs.". LOL

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A great read?

Not really. It's not a real magazine. My friend, Lisa, made one of these magazine covers and I really enjoyed it (she has such an adorable baby girl). I thought it would be fun to make one of Brad and my dad. (Brad still talks about how awesome Pappy's car is!) lol

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

Monday, September 08, 2008

My two little Tiger Cubs

Tonight I took the boys to register for Cub Scouts. They've enjoyed going to functions and events when their big brother Brad was a Cub. I enjoy scouting just as much as the boys do and I was looking forward to this day.

Needless to say, I am now glad that we are at home and registration night is done. I missed out on most of it.

First, the Cubmaster spoke to the parents all about the pack, den, etc. All stuff that I remembered from when Brad was a cub. Then, it was time for the parents of the new cubs to get together and decide who would lead, where and when we would meet, etc.

That's when things got just a bit hectic..........The boys were playing with the other new scouts. They are friends with all of them, since they all attend the same school. Corey came over to me with red cheeks from playing, but he was also holding his hand near his mouth. He told me he had to "throw up". YIKES!!! I held my hand under his mouth because I didn't want anything to get on the carpeted floor. We made it to the bathroom and I got him all cleaned up.

I headed back to the parents to try and catch up on the discussion that I'd missed and they were telling me what they talked about when Collin came running over to me. Collin's hand was at his face, too, but he didn't have to vomit. His nose was bleeding. As soon as one of the dads saw this, he almost turned as white as a ghost. (I'm guessing he can't handle the sight of blood?)

I took Collin to the bathroom and it seemed like his nose just didn't want to stop bleeding. I couldn't take him back out to the others until it was done bleeding, especially after seeing that poor man's face.

Finally, Collin's nose stopped bleeding and we went back, only to find that all of the parents that I was to talk with had already left. The Cubmaster was still there with her son and he was playing with Corey. I bought 2 Tiger Cub books and we headed home. I'd had more than enough for one night. *sigh*

The boys are so excited about the next meeting. I'm not sure that I am. LOL

Oh, I almost forgot! The boys did earn a "map & compass" belt loop tonight. They were so proud and excited to show me the maps they made.

Both boys with their maps, books, and belt loops.


Collin (blood stains and all!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I need more scrapping time!

"Big Brother Bradley"
"B" Template by ? (sorry, it was a blog freebie)
Papers from Liz Thompson's "Catch A Wave Kit"

"Cool in the Pool"


The Rings background paper from "The Blues Backpack" by Jamie Rousselle

green cord and tag from Liz Thompson's "Catch A Wave" kit

foot print on tag from "Feet and Hands" by Lindsay Jane Designs

Wordart from 1HourScrap

"Young Love"


"The Heart's View Plopper" by Kerri Erickson

Tall double flower blog freebie by Tina Chambers

I'm trying to get back into digital scrapbooking. I'm not entirely pleased with the latest pages and could pick out what I don't like about each one. I've got to stop being such a perfectionist because it's slowing me down. I've got a 4th page that is nothing spectacular, yet it's taking me so long to complete it. I'll share it when I'm done. (Hopefully soon!)

Friday, August 01, 2008

"The best summer ever"......

Corey really enjoyed the "night swim" and making S'mores over a fire tonight. He said this is the best summer ever. He can't wait to go back to school and tell his friends all about it.

The boys were swimming until it got dark out already, but tonight was different. Dennis put the tiki torches all around the pool. It wasn't real bright and the water almost looked black, yet the water is crystal clear. Corey and Collin couldn't wait to put their goggles on so they could go under the water to see how it looked at night. They quickly learned that they couldn't see and this fascinated them.

We looked up into the sky at the stars and it was so neat to them and to me too. I think what I enjoyed most was the sparkle in their eyes and the happiness on their faces. It was a "priceless" moment.

I tried taking some pictures of it all, but it is nearly impossible to get a good shot in the dark. I'm sure, even without the pictures, the memory would last a long, long time. We're already looking forward to doing it again.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

On this day, 9 years ago....

Dennis and I were married in our back yard. Nothing fancy or spectacular, but it just the way we wanted it. Simple and sweet.

We really didn't do anything to celebrate our 9th Anniversary, but we didn't have to. It was a wonderful day none the less. I'd be lying if I said it's been 9 years of wedded bliss, we've had some pretty rough times together, but nothing that would even come close to making us part. Divorce is not in our vocabulary and we'll take on anything that is thrown at us. We always get through it, together, as it should be.

I love you, Dennis, even more today than yesterday. I look forward to growing old with you and I cherish the memories we've made and the ones to come!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's not often, but every once and a while, I get out the Micro Machines for the boys to play with. We don't have them within their reach for fear of them losing them or not caring for them properly. They were given to us from Uncle Allen, and they were his when he was young.

Of course, it can never be peaceful around here. Corey and Collin bicker and fight and then minutes later they are best friends again. This last time that we had the Micro Machines out, they were at each other pretty bad....that is, until big brother Brad stepped in.

He was nice about it and explained to the boys that maybe, since they are twins, and are always together, they are getting tired of playing with each other. He went on to say that maybe they just needed a little privacy.

Corey then went into his room for his "privacy". I went into the bathroom and Collin followed me in. While in the bathroom, he told me how Corey needed his privacy, etc., etc. Not a whole minute passed before Collin went into his room and I overheard him asking his brother if he was done with his privacy and did he want to go play again. Of course, Corey was done and they went back out to the living room to play some more.

A few more "privacy breaks" later, they were done playing and moved on to something else. LOL

What we learned on our summer vacation.....

The boys love having books read to them and it's just as fun for me to read them. A few nights ago, they picked, "Spider's Web". It's not a story, but a book that teaches all about how a garden spider spins her web, catches bugs, and wraps them up for later.

We made a discovery, not long after reading this book. There is a garden spider just outside their bedroom window (we haven't had their window open in a long time for fear of them falling out). If we put the lamp on at night, the bugs fly up to the window and at times, get caught in the web. We witnessed this several times and the boys just got a kick out of how everything that happened in the book happened with "our" spider too! Corey went on to explain about the "spinneretts", just as the book did. I actually kind of enjoyed it myself, but I got more joy out of knowing that my boys were paying attention and are learning even on their summer vacation. :)

Here is the book:
And here is "our" spider:

An unlucky beetle:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Never Wanted Nothing More".....

....That was just one of many songs that Kenny Chesney sang at the concert last night. I was in Heaven! I've wanted to see him for so long and back in April my dad and Marilyn bought two tickets for Dennis and I to go. Dennis is not a fan of country music, but I think he left there with a whole new perspective. :)
We left the house around 10am. The concert didn't start until 3:30pm, but we wanted to get there in plenty of time and to get a good parking spot and hopefully avoid the long lines. As we got closer and closer to the Lincoln Financial Field (where the Philadelphia Eagles play) I got more and more excited. My excitement faded just a bit when we had to pay $20 just to park the van. Ugh. I'm not sure I understand that. Just imagine the money they make just on parking. Holy Cow!!

We parked in lot E but then moved to D where Michelle and her sister-in-law were. (Michelle went to school with Dennis and is the secretary where he now works.) It was under a bridge so we were shaded from the sun. Still, it was hot and humid, in the 90's but it was better than being in the direct sun.

Michelle and her sister-in-law had tickets for the sand bar (the country version of a mosh pit) so they headed in around 2:30pm. Michelle promised to get me a good pic of Kenny if she could and she'd e-mail it to me later. I was turning a bit green with envy but at the same time, her tickets cost her A LOT more! I was just happy to be there and I took some mental notes from the advice that Michelle and her SIL gave me. (I was told I could get great deals on tickets if I join the KC fan club, but they told me that's not so).

Dennis and I headed into the stadium around 3:30pm. I was in awe by the whole thing and could feel the anticipation building as we entered the stadium. I was just a few hours away from Kenny!!!

Once inside, we decided to get my shirt first and then I'd change into it in a bathroom. I knew just what shirt I wanted. It was incredibly hot in the little shop where shirts, etc. were sold. The sweat just poured off of us. It felt hotter than a sauna, although I've never been in one. LOL They didn't have the shirt I wanted but they did have the hat. I was hoping to a shirt and a hat and I was going to get a different shirt until Dennis burst my bubble. He only had a little cash on him. The hat was $40 and he could get me a light up necklace but that was it. After it was all paid for, he burst my bubble again (in this case, a bubble could be burst twice). He had just enough money for the tolls on the Turnpike to get us back home (which, by the way was $3.25).
We then went up to our seats. We had tickets for section 224, row 8, seats 3 & 4. Wow! We were pretty high up. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought it would be. I have a fear of heights and one time we were at an arena for a monster truck show and we were up high and you had a feeling of falling frontward. This was not the case. There was a glass wall-type thing getting in my way, but other than that, it wasn't that bad. It was actually kind of neat!
We sat in our seats and watched Gary Allen sing 2 songs. He has a few songs that I like, but it was hard to recognize them. When he left the stage, we left our seats to get out of the sun. We then went down to the 100 level and tried to think of how we'd be able to get at least a drink. We were both hungry since neither of us ate anything at all up to this point. The food and drink prices were outrageous, just as we suspected they'd be. I remembered that I had a few dollars on my debit card and we decided to give it a try. I got a bottle of water and Dennis got a soft pretzel.

Leann Rimes came on next. She was real spunky and put on a great show. Her voice is just beautiful. She hit some high notes and it gave me goose bumps! We were still on the 100 level and we walked over to a shady place to stand. It was then that I noticed the buses below. We could tell which ones were Kenny's. There were pirate flags in the front windows, but we figured it was probably his band's bus. He wouldn't be in something so obvious. There was another bus with "Kenny Chesney Poets and Pirates" on it real big. We knew he wasn't in that one either.

We went for another walk and by this time Sammy Hagar came on stage. We didn't like him in the '80's and we didn't like him now. The first song he sang was, "I Can't Drive 55". Blah. We went for another walk and ended up back over by the buses. It was then that I met up with a woman that we'd seen a few times. She was telling me that Kenny was in the white bus and he's been in and out a few times. One time, he went down onto the floor to buy a Corona, but was mobbed by the crowds. She got a picture of him. Well, that was all I needed to hear. The whole time Sammy Hagar was on, we stood there and watched Kenny's bus. I didn't want to leave that spot and chance missing Kenny. It was then that I saw Keith Urban. I was too slow with my camera and missed the shot, but it was so exciting to see him! I then hung my camera around my neck.

We watched as people went in and out of the bus. We knew there was something going on because there were golf carts parked just so and men on radios. Just like that, the door of the bus opened and I got my camera up to my eye and there he was! I didn't have time to really focus and I couldn't help but scream, "Kenny" when I saw him. I couldn't steady the camera real good and since there was another vehicle in the way, I just got a picture of his head. Still, I was very happy!

Keith Urban started singing and it was then that we went back to the spot we were at to watch Leann. Dennis and I both watched as people just wasted the water they bought. We were so parched. We were too exhausted to even think of climbing the many flights of stairs to get to our seats. Luckily, every time we came back to this spot, there was a place for us to stand.

I really enjoyed Keith Urban. He was great! He thanked the crowd for coming and paying the high gas prices to get there. He sounded so good and sang in such a way that you felt like you were in the front row. It's hard to explain and I did get more goose bumps on my arms! He was fantastic!
Dennis wanted to leave "our spot" to go and sit down, but knowing that Kenny was up next, I wasn't leaving! lol I was right behind the last row in the 100 section. I told him he could go and sit down, but I wasn't leaving there. He stayed.
(above and below pics are of our seats
from where we were standing)

A big curtain covered the stage with the whole Poets and Pirates thing on it. Then, it lifted. I was looking for Kenny but didn't see him. There were guys on the stage with some sort of cannon-type things shooting things (I'm assuming they were bunched up shirts) into the crowd. We were no where near close enough to catch any but I imagined how lucky the people that caught them were.

The anticipation and excitement was surreal. Then, he came out. I screamed at the top of my lungs like a teenager. LOL It was just an amazing and uncontrollable feeling. He started with "Summertime", which also happens to be my ringtone, by the way. :) I sang loud and proud to each and every song! It was just amazing! The goose bumps and chills up my spine were continuous! The other songs he sang were:

  • Young
  • Big Star
  • Beer In Mexico
  • Never Wanted Nothing More
  • When The Sun Goes Down
  • No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems
  • Shift Work
  • Wild Ride
  • Got A Little Crazy
  • Island Boy
  • How Forever Feels
  • Don't Happen Twice
  • Back Where I Come From
  • Don't Blink
  • Live Those Songs Again
  • Keg In The Closet
  • I Go Back
  • Living In Fast Forward
  • Anything But Mine
"Anything But Mine" was the last song he sang, and by this time, Dennis wasn't looking so good. With each song before this one, he was asking me how much longer this would go on. I was feeling pretty ill myself and quite thirsty. We watched as quite a few other people were leaving too. We were right by the steps where we came in and as much as I didn't want to, I told Dennis it would be alright to leave. As we walked (almost ran) away from the stadium, I could still hear him singing and I was a little sad, but at the same time, Dennis was getting light-headed and I was just so thirsty too.

We got to the van and we each had keys in our hands ready to unlock the doors. We each guzzled down a bottle of water in seconds. We decided to leave the lot since we'd be beating the traffic. We both admitted that we were missing the boys too. More than likely, they'd be in bed before we'd get home. We drank water and iced tea almost one after the other for the whole ride home. We didn't listen to the radio, we just talked. I was surprised that despite being hungry and thirsty, Dennis actually made some nice remarks about this experience. He admitted that Kenny sounded great live. (I already knew that since I have his "Live" CD. lol) He even said he wouldn't mind doing it again and next time, we'd have more money with us! I'll take that as having another chance to see Kenny again! WooHoo!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remember when....part 4 (I found another notebook)

I found another notebook, a steno notebook to be exact. Today, I will take you back to 2001-2002, when we found out we were pregnant with Corey and Collin and their birth story.

June 8, 2001 - We're pregnant!

July 3, 2001 - I had an ultrasound, due to some "spotting"....We're having TWINS!!

*It's hard to see baby "A" on top, baby "B" on bottom.

"A" is Corey, "B", Collin

Their birth story:

8:30am - non-stress test at Gnaden Huetten Hospital. I joked with the nurses that I couldn't go into labor that night because final episode of "Survivor 3" would be on that night, a special 2-hour episode from 8-10pm, ending with the million dollar winner. Could NOT miss that!

9:50pm - Lying on the couch, "Survivor" down to the final two, WATER BROKE! No labor pains. My mom got a "little" excited and woke Dennis after aproximately 5 minutes of sleep. Mom got me a change of clothes and whil Dennis was getting ready, I called Angie (Wentz) Eidem to tell her what happened.

10:30pm - got settled into a bed in "labor room". Had small contractions, but not too regular, was about 3 and a half centimeters.

6:00am - finally opened to 5cm, got shot in my back to ease labor pains. (Nurse called it an "intrathecal".

abt. 7am - open to 9 and a half centimeters, taken to delivery room

7:33am - Corey Evan was born, looked really good and cried right away. After Corey was born, Dr. Miller tired to reach in and turn Colin around (he was breech), but he would not turn, could not deliver breech. Colin's heart rate dropped below 60, and they rushed to give c-section. Dennis was "shoved" out of the delivery rom, I was "knocked out". I remember them putting mask on my face, a terrible feeling of being smothered and it didn't smell good.

7:55am - Colin was born, although I was unaware of it. :(

abt. 10am - was waking up in recovery room in a "daze", could not speak right away, heard nurses commenting on my episiotomy and my I.V. was a mess (right hand). When I could finally speak, I asked how Colin was and where Dennis was. I didn't really get answers right away, but then they said Colin was on oxygen and a heart monitor and should be o.k.

abt 10:30am - I was taken to my regular room in a lot of pain and complaining of terrible pain in my belly. Chrissy (my sister) was in my room when I got there. She gave me my glasses. Then, a nurse came back in to tell me that they had to take me back to the delivery room to repair my episiotomy. I learned later, that Dr. Miller never stitched it because of rushing to do the c-section. They told me it would not hurt, but it did. Also found out that c-section was an "up & down" cut and had to be that way because it was an emergency and that was the quickest way to get Colin out. C-section was stapled with 20 staples! OUCH!

abt 10:55am - I got to see Corey, but could not hold him. I was still too groggy. Colin had a feeding tube and heart monitor on, he was brought in later for me to see.

abt 2pm - Catheter was taken out and potossin was stopped. Being on the pitossin was like being in labor, even though I had already deliverd my boys. Not fun.

I.V. was taken out

2:00pm - I was discharged from the hospital, but the boys had to stay. We went back later that night for feeding.

At home, I cried like a baby when I saw the nursery at home. I was shocked to see what my mom, Dennis, Ted (my brother), Terry (Ted's wife), Chrissy (my sister), my dad, and Aunt Linda (my mom's sister) were up to while I was in the hospital. Ted and Terry bought 2 beautiful dressers, bedding for the cribs ("Blue Jean Teddy" print), and material for curtains that my mom made. Dad & Marilyn (his wife) bought me a new crib and so did Rich and Polly (Dennis' dad & step-mom) but it wasn't assembled yet, that would come later. Chrissy and Aunt Linda got sweater sets and Aunt Linda won 2 stuffed animals from a "claw" machine at Wal-Mart. Diane Moser (a friend and Chrissy's neighbor) got 2 blue buntings for the boys. It was awesome! I can never thank them enough! (I feel lke the luckiest person in the world!)

abt 9am - Dr. Ambani called and said we should be able to bring BOTH boys home sometime this morning after bili ruben results.

11:30am - Both boys can come home! Nurse called and said my "little giants" can come home!

*Collin on the left, Corey on the right*



*Collin on the left, Corey on the right*

*Not written down, but I remember- Uncle Bub was there when the boys were being discharged. The nurse, Patty, suggested that I spell "Colin" with a second "L". She said people would probably pronounce his name like "colon". I asked Dennis what he wanted to do, and as usual, he let it up to me. Uncle Bub agreed with the nurse, so I added the second "L". I really didn't care much about spelling at the time. I was just anxious to take my boys home.

?:??pm - Corey peed and got dad all wet. Dad's 1st "golden shower"!

11:00am - We went away for an appointment at W.I.C. It was a quiet trip in the car. Both boys were angels! The ladies at the W.I.C. office adored them and commented on how cute the boys are.

11:30am - We made it! We survived our first 24 hours at home. Corey and Collin are to be woken up every 3 hours for feeding. Both are drinking from 1 to 1 3/4 oz. of formula. Collin is the more sluggish eater and neither of the boys will eat as good for dad as they do for mom.

One week old today!

Baby shower! It was a total surprise! I thought my mom's friend was coming to see the boys and that was why she forced me into the shower. I was in Corey and Collin's room, hanging pictures on the walls and when I came out, everyone was in the living room and dining room. I was told that everyone met at Wal-Mart so they would get here at the same time. Chrissy put blue balloons on her car so everyone knew it was her. Those here were: my mom, Chrissy & Alyssa, Aunt Linda & Katie, Polly, Roxy, Ashlee, Amanda, Abbi, Steph & Josh, Raymond & Petey, Angie, Amber, & Sammy, Lois, Dad, Marilyn & Sammy, Uncle Leon & Aunt Pat, Sue & Betty, Aunt Betty & Savannah, Brook & Lucas.

*I didn't have this written down, but it's something I'll always remember. Marilyn (Dad's wife) had a heart attack at my shower. It was so scary. It seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to get here. She ended up having by-pass surgery and she felt that she ruined my shower. She didn't and we were all glad that she recovered.

Our first appointment with Dr. Ambani (pediatrician). Uncle Leon went along to help me. I got down to the last step out front and I fell with Corey. Luckily, I took the brunt of the fall and it was like nothing even happened. Corey never made a sound. Dr. Ambani weighed and measured. Corey: 5lbs. 8 oz. , 19 1/4 inches. Collin: 5lbs. 3oz., 18 1/4 inches.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I like laptops. I am now in my bedroom as I type this. It was just too darn hot in the dining room. Dennis has the air conditioner on in here and it feels nice.

Tonight I'm in a pretty good mood. A little bored, maybe, but happy. I like the way it feels and it's nice that family and friends are noticing the change in me. I've noticed it too, but I didn't realize that it would be so obvious to others.

Dennis and I cut Uncle Leon's grass tonight. Uncle Leon is to take it easy for a few weeks since having stents put in his heart. He had 2 blockages. It really feels good when he and Aunt Pat tell me that I look good and just seem so much happier. They've noticed. What they probably didn't realize is that my happiness is also because I was doing them a favor. I'm happiest when I can help, and so is Dennis.

Since I'm feeling kind of happy tonight (and maybe a little bored, too) I want to make a list of some of the "little" things and even the "big" things that make me happy.

Happiness is........(in no particular order, of course)

Hugs with that little extra squeeze
A good hair day
Having a mom that totally "gets" me
Dennis's change in mood lately (happiness is contagious!)
Taking Brad to Boy Scouts
Time to myself while Brad is at Scouts
Playing with Corey and Collin
Catching fireflies and then letting them go
My "wanna-be" garden
Swimming in the pool
Quiet times at night on the front steps
My Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins and the closeness we share
My friends that are always there for me
Flip flops
Kenny Chesney
My camera
Kind strangers, you know, the ones that smile and hold the door for you
Old photographs
Family get-togethers
My brother's jokes
Being with my sister
My nieces and nephews
Thinking about grandchildren (someday, let's not rush it!)
Rain drops
My backyard and the animals that visit
Learning more about my family
Knowing that there is a God
My blog (I can ramble all I want! lol)
Clothing that still fits from season to season
Mowing grass
My iPod
Krispy Kremes
Aunt Betty's Sour Potato Soup
Decorating for the holidays
Bedtime stories
Laughing at the kids' jokes, even when they don't make any sense
Candle light
A new pair of shoes
Visiting family and friends
Giving up your space in line for the person with less items behind you
Letters, postcards, and cards
The beach
Birds chirping
Garbonzo beans and French dressing
Old "home movies"
Warm apple pie ala mode
Singing in the car
Air conditioners
Learning something new

Oh, I could go on and on, but I will leave it at this tonight. I have a few other places I'd like to visit online tonight before I go to bed.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

The "Old Me"...part 1

As you've noticed, I've been entering stories from some of the notebooks that I've written in. I'm calling this one part 1 because there could be more. I almost want to say, "unfortunately", I've found some from when I would write about myself, but I'm a "new me" and I can look back at this and see just how far I've come. I'm not sure when exactly I wrote this, but I can remember times that I'd just grab the nearest notebook and let the pen take over. I feel a bit sad for the "old me", but I'm so happy that I'm coming around!

Here goes:

It has to be a mental illness that I have. I need help, but I don't know where to get it. Our "quack", Dr. Durako doesn't seem to do much but at the same time I can't put all of the blame on him. I need meds, he gives me meds. I DON'T take the meds. I don't want to. The shame and embarrassment are holding me back.

I can't think straight, I have a hard time concentrating. I feel sometimes that the world is out to get me. I can't have total happiness, just partial happiness.

I am shaking inside, my palms are sweaty. I feel like I have a fever. My heart is broken, almost shattered.
What the h*ll happened to my life?? How can I possibly repair it? I don't want pills, I don't see how a pill could have such powers?

I am nothing, always have been and always will be. I do nothing. I say nothing. I sit back and let it all take over me. Why can't I be stronger?

I've done so much wrong that I can't make right. I can't change the past and I'm too stupid to try and change to better my future.

I have no friends.

I have no job.

I have no support at home.

I don't want pity. I want to feel important. I want to be happy with who I am, but I can't. Happiness is not allowed. I don't know how to be happy. I've screwed up so many things. How can I or why should I be happy when my own husband is tired of me? Why do I just sit here and wait for him to say we're done? Why can't I stand up to him and show him that what I do is not worthless? Why does he make me so afraid? I can't talk to him and if there's no communication, what's the point? I think he needs help too, but I couldn't tell him that. I don't know how to say it, or God forbid, it should come out of my mouth wrong. He might think I was trying to correct his faults. We all have faults, but his mind is telling him that the ones who love him most are the ones that are out to get him.

I don't feel at all like a woman. I don't look the part, either. I am fat and so unappealing. I can do something about it, but I don't. I like food too much, and bad foods at that. At my pity party I will tell everyone ho I wear hand-me-down bras. No, bras don't make you a woman, but I'd feel a little better having "my own". I don't even know how to shop for them. I don't know my size, but I know that it's something between a "Chrissy" and a "Linda". Oh, and if I talk to Dennis about this, he will get mad. He'd ask me, in a not-so-nice way, "Why don't you go and buy some then?" Like we have all kinds of money to go and do this. I feel a lot of guilt when I buy something for myself. I'm not the only one with needs in this house, and I certainly don't deserve, either.

I'm misunderstood.
It's all my fault.
I'm a disgrace.
I don't fit in.
I am fat.
I am ugly.
I can't let go.
I need a haircut.
I need a life.
I need strength.
I need people to see through my eyes what I see and to hear it how I do.
I need relief.
I need sleep.
I need to feel loved and appreciated.
I need to let go.
I need this to stop.
I need a bigger plate.
I feel trapped.
I feel fear.

Remember when...part 3

12/09/04- "Buddies"
Today was kind of sweet. Corey and Collin watch "their" shows until 1pm. I get the tv from 1 to 2pm. At 2pm, it's back to being "theirs". We watch Teletubbies and then Boobah. As Teletubbies cam on, Collin went to the couch and sat down to watch. I don't even think a whole minute passed before he called out to Corey. "You sit here", as he patted his hand aside of himself on the couch. Corey eagerly ran over to the couch to sit aside of his "buddy".

Then, Collin said, "No, get closer". Corey did, and there they sat, so cute and so quiet. It's times like those that they just melt my heart! They definately do share a special bond that I don't think many others could say they've had with their siblings. The can sometimes, I say sometimes because they have their moments, too, be each other's best buddies!

? not sure of the date-
I found this written in one of my notebooks.
If I had a nickel for everytime.......
  • someone asked, "Are they twins?"
  • someone asked "Are they are identical"
  • someone would say, "double trouble"
  • someone would say, "are they yours"
  • someon would ask, "how do you tell them apart"
  • someone would say " boy are your hands full"
  • I'd have to say "no!" to them
  • they'd climb on something
  • I'd find a new brusie on their legs
  • they'd take their diapers off
  • someone would say, "I'm exhausted just watching you chase them around"
  • someone would ask, "Where are the boys?" (when I'm out alone)

Remember when...part 2

2003/2004? Unsure of the date this started, but I recorded it on 07/19/04. "A Twin Thing?"
Not quite sure when it started, but it is a bit unusual. Corey and Collin have been eating at their own little table and feeding themselves for quite a while now. I give them each their plate or bowl of food and utensils and they start eating. About half-way through their meal, without saying a single word, they will both get up and switch places and just continue eating from the plate or bowl that is now in front of them.

07/18/04-"Beauty Marks"
I was holding Collin on the couch, in my lap. Corey was standing in front of us. Memmy Hedmeck was here. Corey started pointing at my arm saying, "boo-boos". Collin then investigated and said, "beauty marks"! I then asked Collin to show me his "beauty marks". He pointed to his boobies! Memmy laughed hysterically!

?/04- "Phone Conversations"
They boys love talking on their play phones. This is just one of many conversations they've had.
*before Daddy sold his truck the conversation went like this:
"Hello, Uncle Ted, Daddy's truck, yup, yup, bye"!
*after Daddy sold his truck and Uncle Ted bought a truck:
"Hello, Uncle Ted's truck, Daddy's car, yup, yup, bye"!

07/18/04- "Wasn't me"
It was morning and I heard Corey and Collin were awake. I quietly walked over to their (gated) doorway. They usually play with their toys in the morning. Their room was pretty messed up from all of the toys and clothing from their dressers that they threw around. I asked them, "Who made this mess?" Of course, Corey answered, "Braddy" (Bradley) did it!" (Already, at 2 1/2 years, it's not "their" fault.)

Remember when.... part 1

I've been wanting to do this for sometime, and I'm not sure how it will work out. I have several sprial notebooks about the house with little tid-bits in them. I guess, sort of an attempt at journaling. Some things are just too funny and I don't want to forget and I figured if I put them on my blog I won't have to hunt through several notebooks to find them. They will be in this "vault".

Some I have exact dates, and some I do not. I cannot post them in order exactly since I am just finding some notebooks and putting them in here.

So, here we go......

06/04- "Rootbeer Barrels"
Bradley had a "stash" of rootbeer barrels in his backpack. Corey and Collin love going through Brad's backpack, so when they brought me a small broen rootbeer barrel I knew they were after the backpack again. I immediately told Brad to put his backpack away where Corey and Collin could not get into it.
A few hours later, I was sitting at the computer while Dennis ran to Wal-Mart for duct tape when Collin brought me another small piece of rootbeer barrel! I was just about ready to yell at Brad for not putting his backpack away, when, for some unknown reason, I decided to do a "sniff" test on the rootbeer barrel, only to find out that it was NOT a rootbeer barrel! Euuuwww!!
* Dennis had to run to Wal-Mart for duct tape because we were completely out of it. We use duct tape to keep their (C&C's) diapers on. (They can and WILL take them off when not taped!)

06/04- "Seatbelts"
I was getting a shower while ennis watched Corey and Collin so I could have a peaceful shower and because it's nearly impossible to watch them and shower at the same time.
Dennis had other things to do, so as soon as I was out of the shower, he brought them into the bedroom for me to watch them as I was getting dressed.
I was concealing myself as I dressed, and when I put my bra on they both saw it and said, "seatbelt".
A few days later, I was holding and playing with Collin on the couch. He grabbed my shirt and my bra strap stuck out. Again, he said, "seatbelt".
Kids are so funny!

06/30/04- "Looks like Daddy"
They came up with a new one today! We were lying on the floor (in hopes that they would take a nap) and then they pushed my bangs back and my forehead was showing. They thought this was funny and they called me, "Daddy". Now, when I tell them to make me look like Daddy, they push my bangs back!
*Daddy's hair has been thinning and receeding.

Friday, June 06, 2008

School Days

Today was the last day of school. For Trevor, it was the VERY last, for Corey and Collin it was their last day of Kindergarten, and for Brad, his last day of 6th grade. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying right by, each year, speeding by faster and faster. I can't imagine the day that the youngest two finish High School. It's just so surreal.

Of course, I took the boys' pictures the first day of school, on August 27, 2007 so that I could have a comparison. For fun, Corey and Collin wore the same thing for the last day that they did for the first day.



The boys gave their teacher flowers for an end of the year "Thank You" gift and they gave their bus driver a gift certificate for 2 free car washes at a local car wash.



What you can't see in the pic is that Brad's voice is changing. lol



Congrats Trevor! Would've been nice if you could've shaved! ;) You know we still love you, hairy-faced or not! We're so proud of you!