Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Title Necessary........

I've got so much going through my head today that I figured I'd come here and just see what happens. It may be a bit sporatic and unorganized, but if you know me, this is nothing new for me. My fingers are extremely "antsy" so I'm letting them loose!!

First off, I am thinking of my dear friend, Anissa today. Today is surgery day and she is having an Acoustic Neuroma removed. She's been in my thoughts and prayers daily, and if you are reading this and wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate prayers for her. Thanks!


I was hoping to come up with something amazingly funny and really "out there" because today is "April Fool's Day". Nothing. Sorry. Everyday has an "April Fool" in it somewhere. It could be that one (or more) "duh" moment(s) or just events in a day that just seem so far off that I wonder if I'll just wake up from such a silly dream. One thing, though, that I am most grateful for is my sense of humor. I LOVE to laugh and make people laugh. Smiling is contagious and everyone should catch it!!

I think it was last week, maybe the week before, I'm not sure? Anyway, I was doing laundry. Surprise, surprise! lol If it's piled up enough, which it usually is, I try to separate the darks according to who they belong to. I had enough of Brad's to make a full load......I threw it in the washer along with the Downy Ball. Through the magic of this blog, I don't have to tell you all of the other things I did while it washed......Tah dah!......I was switching it over to the dryer when what to my wondering eyes did I find at the bottom of the washtub?......Money, nope...(Brad is tight with his money and doesn't carry it in his pockets. He'll never make me rich!) ......a pencil or pen with goopy ink?.....Nope.......I don't like to torture, so I'll just tell you. I found a ziploc bag! Oooohhh and it looked like there was something in it, but what? It had a little bit of a yellowish tinged liquid and some seeds or something in it. Upon closer inspection.....I discovered that it was the remains of pickles! Bread and Butter pickles, to be exact. Definately one of my strangest finds. I had to laugh and have to admit, I was a bit puzzled about that one! LOL

Later that day, when Brad came home from school, I asked him about the baggie. He confirmed that, yes, he did in fact have pickles in a baggie, in his pocket. Hmmm? Well, you know how it is, being a teen and going to school, study hall, hunger, etc. I don't remember when, but he said that the baggie did leak and he smelled like pickles for the rest of the school day. Thanks for letting me know, Brad, and I guess anyone could understand why I don't check pockets very often. Just imagine how I could've freaked out reaching into that! LOL

If you knew my Brad, you'd certainly understand. He has so many of my traits that I feel sorry for him, yet he's him and I love that about him too!

You'd think it would end there? No. Not in the Moyer house, and not with Brad living in it. He just totally cracks me up! We had another incident just days later with an even bigger Ziploc bag!

***Aunt Karen, I hope that you someday get to read this. You always tell me that I should write a book about how my life is. LOL I can just hear you chuckling at this and now wanting to encourage me to make a sitcom for tv! It's just too funny!**

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, the "bigger" ziploc. I was in the laundry room, of all places, this time folding some towels. Brad came to me from the dining room, carrying something to me. It resembled a large ziploc, but I was not at all sure of it's contents. It was filled with something of such a color that I don't think there's even a name for, and other familiar colors. It looked gushy and smooshy, disgusting, I guess you could say? He then asked me what he should do with it. Huh? I had to ask...."What is it Brad?" which he responded, "I wanted take something to school to eat with my lunch, but I forgot about it and it was in my book bag".....Ok.....I then asked, "What exactly did you take, Brad?".......he didn't remember, it was that long ago. He was already opening the bag trying to figure it out. Noooooooo!!!!!! "Don't open it Brad!!!" Too late. Oh My!!! It smelled pretty bad. I told him to quickly get it zipped shut and toss it in the trash! He did not act quickly and I could tell by the look on his face, there was more......He then asked me if he should dig the bowl and fork out of the bag? Eeeuuuwww!!! No, Brad, No. Just let it go.

I thought of two possibilities that day. #1.....That's probably where my "lost" silverware has gone, and #2.....That's where all of the ziploc's are going. Oh Brad!

It's just started raining here now. I just looked at the time, and it reminds me that I've got to get my shower. Before you know it, it will be time to pick the boys up from school and I don't like having to rush to get ready, so I'll be showered and ready early. I did enough cleaning for today, so I can shower without worrying about getting dirty again.

At 5pm the boys and I are going to GIANT with the rest of the Tiger Den. We will get a tour of the bakery. I've been told that it's actually lots of fun. We shall see.

I hope to be back later and will update on that, or maybe I'll have an "April Fool" to share?