Monday, August 03, 2009

"Days Go By"......

("Days Go By", Keith Urban)

It's hard to believe that summer vacation iw winding down already, even though it feels like it's just begun. In just 30 days, Bradley will start his final year at the Middle School, and Corey and Collin will begin their 2nd grade adventure. I am hopeful that this year will be the best one yet! Brad will be at the top of the "food chain" and I am also hopeful that he will have a much better experience than he did last year.

I am excited to see how well Corey and Collin do being in the same classroom. Second grade was a memorable year for me, since my teacher was fabulous! I'm even more excited since Corey and Collin will have the very same teacher that I did, Mrs. Lewis! She is one of those teachers that is there because she loves teaching and not because "it's a job". I just know that my boys will love her as much as I do/have. I plan on being a parent volunteer and helping out at the school as much as possible.

I will be setting a few goals for myself, as well. I will try and use my Wii Fit every morning and make better use of my time this year. Normally, people start exercising on January 1st, as a resolution, but I've decided to start when they go back to school and I won't have to "fight" with them for my time to use the Wii. I will be real happy if I can shed a few pounds and will look forward to getting up each morning and seeing results! (fingers crossed! lol)

The biggest thing for me will be to conquer my cigarette addiction. It's a shameful, and not to mention, dangerously unhealthy, habit. Had I known then, that it would be this hard to quit, I would've never even tried it!

Another goal that I've failed at several times, is that I'd like to become a better blogger. So many of my friends have them and I just love to read them. I'd like mine to be caught up. It's fun to go back and read. I almost feel that I should document every moment because time is just whizzing right by. ****I'm heading in the right direction, already, with this...I've been writing before bed each night and I am typing this from my notebook right now! YAY!!

While I am sad to see summer drawing to an end, I am anxious to start a new school year and a new me, in a sense. Summer has always been my favorite season, the season where most memories are made and the most carefree. I will still have summer on my mind and body in the winter.......It's amazing how long I can hold on to a tan and tan lines! Haha!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Words I Coulndn't Say"......

("Words I Couldn't Say", by Rascal Flatts. Song title fits, but not the song. lol)

I'm not sure what words I could use to describe today??? I'm sure there are a few "choice" words I could use, but I won't. (My mom could be reading this! ;) )

I've been really bummed out about my "new" computer not allowing Photoshop CS to install properly. I figured that since the computer is still "new" and not full yet, I'd do a restore and just start fresh.

In true "Tammy" fashion, things did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Trevor tired to help me for a bit, but his suggestions didn't work either. Yes, my computer restored to it's factory settings, but now I was having problems getting connected to the internet. To add even more confusion, I'd have a router to install and set up too so that the kids could use the internet on the laptop.

After many hours (I'm too embarrassed to give exact times) of frustration, I finally just decided to try a restore again, this time, unplugging everything and getting some of the miles of wires under control. I even moved a few things around on the desk.

Eventually, after a little shouting match of misunderstanding with Dennis, I got the monster working again! With a big sigh of relief, the laptop is connected too! Ahhhh!

If all goes well, (I can be hopeful, right?) I will try to install Photoshop. I can't help but fear the beast, so I am off to bed a little earlier than normal in hopes of having a clearer mind tomorrow. AND, if all goes better than expected, I will soon have scrapbook pages done, as well as many other Photoshop related projects.

Wish me luck and minimal screams! ;) *sigh*