Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm trying

My head just isn't very clear tonight. I came here in hopes of journaling my weekend, but I've been doing more backspacing than anything. Now that things have settled down some for me (for now?), I'm hoping to get a fresh start tomorrow morning, and I'll make an entry or more tomorrow.

I'm trying to keep this blog current, but unfortuantely, tonight I just can't do it. I figure, something is better than nothing!

See you tomorrow! Good night.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Today was one of those days that just flew right by! I can't believe that in a few minutes, it will be "tomorrow"!

I spent most of my morning printing out valentines for Brad. He picked out the pictures he wanted on them last night. I printed them out on postcards, with a picture on one side, and on the other side, we used minature M-Azing candy bars. The candy bar makes the valentine read, "You're an *M-Azing* Friend". His teacher will get one, of course, that says, "You're an *M-Azing* Teacher!"

While I was working on that, Marilyn (step-mom) called. Her sister, Linda, passed away last night. She'd like it if I could put together some photos for her to display at the viewing/funeral. I have until Tuesday afternoon to complete it. I just hope I do as well as they expect me to. I'm hoping to have it done sooner, though. (I can dream! I'm such a procrastinator!)

As if I didn't already have enough going on, Corey, Collin, and I decided to bake some cookies today. They are my helpers, so they got their "bakers" out. "Bakers" is their term for an They got out my "hot pots" (oven mitt and pot holder) for me. The cookies were a little "flat", but they must taste pretty good, since they were gobbling them up!

The cookies took a little longer than I expected, and before I knew it, Dennis was home from work. That meant that I had to get my rear in gear if I was going to be showered and ready for cub scouts tonight! I wanted to leave earlier than normal, since I'd have to stop at Wal-Mart for supplies for the picture boards. I made it out of here just in time.

At cub scouts, the boys played board games while the parents set up for tomorrow's big race. It's Pinewood Derby time!! This year, amazingly, Brad's car should be dry when it goes down the track. Every year, we start too late and end up working on it until the very last minute. I sooooo don't like that! I just hope his car does better this year. He's never really made it very far other years. He does have a good time, though, so that's all that matters.

After scouts, we went over to Dad & Marilyn's to pick up the pictures and things that she and her mom had picked up for the picture boards. It didn't seem like we were there very long, but we didn't leave their house until almost 10pm! I thought for sure that Dennis would be mad, but luckily, he wasn't. It's so hard for me to keep track of what's going on lately. We're both so stressed out over the van. Finally, the junk yard tested and found a good transmission. Dennis was hoping to have it put in by now, but it's not even here yet. Ugh! He'll go and pick it up tomorrow when we get back from the derby. I can't wait to have my van back!

I'll post some derby pics tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of a trophy, too. ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Long time, no see

It's been so long, that I had a hard time getting in here. Luckily, I wrote my username and password in a little notebook. Here it is again, a little over a month has passed since my last entry. Now that I'm finally back, I'm not sure how to go about updating on all that's been going on around here. I guess I'll make a list, just to update, and if you think dull thoughts in between, than you'll be up to speed on what's been going on in the Moyer household. LOL

Let's see.......

In early January, we celebrated some birthdays. Bradley turned 10 on the 4th, and a week later, on the 11th, my "babies", Corey and Collin turned 4. (Don't tell them I called them my babies. They'd get pretty mad!) We had a small party at the house for Corey and Collin. Brad didn't want a party, but instead decided that when it's warm out, he'll have some friends sleep over, possibly outside in the tent.

On Jan 25th, I got a new camera! I've been searching the internet and found one that I totally fell in love with! It's a Canon Powershot S2 IS. We used part of our Income Tax refund to purchase it. I felt a little guilty, spending so much on a camera, but Dennis wanted me to have it. This camera should be all I'll ever need in a camera. I was really excited about the 12X zoom, and all of the other features that this camera has. I'd love to share pics with everyone, but I can't until I get this blog stuff figured out. There's got to be an easier way to post pics in here, but I haven't figured it out yet. I'll work on that.

It was hard to be excited and happy about my new camera. When we got home from buying the camera, there was a message on the answering machine. Steve Pfeiffer, aka "Pappy Pfeiffer" had passed away that morning in his sleep. It was quite a shock, since I had just seen him the day before, and he looked like he did any other day. I'm so glad that I got to talk to him that day, and he will most definately be missed.

Almost a week later, on Jan 31st, Dennis surprised me and brought home a laptop for me.I knew I was getting one, I just wasn't sure when. We weren't sure if I'd get a laptop or if we'd buy another desktop. We decided on the laptop, because it wouldn't take up as much space as a desktop, and the fact that it's "portable". There were a few occassions that I could've used a laptop. Well, now I have one! Again, I feel pretty guilty for spending so much money on myself.

The guilt weighed heavier on me this past weekend (Feb. 4th). Long story short, the transmission in our van is no good. Right now, the van is in the driveway, so I'm thankful that it didn't leave us sit, or have to be towed from far away. The day it conked out, I had all 4 boys with me and it was raining! It's times like these that I am so thankful that Dennis has mechanical abilities! It would cost us a small fortune if we'd have to take it to a garage to be repaired. As it is now, Dennis is hoping to have a new transmission in the van by tomorrow night. I'm not sure how or if he'll be able to do it, though. I'm no mechanic, but I'd imagine that it's not an easy job to do, let alone get it done so quickly! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The van has to be done by Saturday morning. Brad's cub scout pack is holding it's Pinewood Derby (or, as Corey calls it, "the pine dirty")! I'd really like us to go as a family to watch Brad race his car. We won't all fit in Dennis' car, so hopefully, the van will be done.

I know there is probably a lot that I've forgotten. I'll have to sneak it into another entry. I've got to go now, it's time for lunch, and I've got 2 hungry boys here!

Until next time.....