Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini Relay for Life

K, 1st, & 2nd grade from Mahoning Elementary
It's called a "mini" relay because the kids were only there for part of the day, not the whole day. Kids from all schools in the district participated and it was nice to see some family members that attend different schools. Four laps around the track is equal to a mile. They were sure to walk the 4 laps.

Before the event started, Mrs. Garfield was surprised and honored by a local radio station as "Teacher of the Week". I was so happy and excited for her. She teaches the Life Skills class at Mahoning and I feel she should be honored for more than just a week. She has 10 children in her class with special needs and she is so kind and sweet and adores her students and it shows. Congrats to Mrs. Garfield!
I hope to have a link soon so that as many people as I can get can vote for her to win "Teacher of the Year" (I think, it all happened so fast!). I want to try and get as many votes as possible for her and would love to see her win that. With that, she will also win $1,000! :)

I was surprised and happy to see my cousin Jeff's wife, Jessica there. She drives a bus and transported kids to the track. :) It was so nice to talk with her for a bit.

There's not a whole lot more I can say, so I'll just add some pics and a few descriptions.....

Fourth Grade teacher, Mrs. Rupell's daughter, Breann, singing, "The Star Spangled Banner" before the event started. It gave me goosebumps! She has an amazing voice!

Cousin Brook's daughter, Emily.

Cousin Brook's son, Lucas.

Cousin, Jen's son, "Marky"

"Marky" with his classmates

Cousin Troy's son, Nathan

My neice, Alyssa's little sister, Miranda

My landlady's grandson, Dakota and his friend


In no particular order........

****In Honor of: David Moyer****

The wind blew the poster and ripped it and I couldn't find the "sun" with Dennis' Uncle David's name on it. :(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He loves me....

I'm sure Kenny would love me, if he knew me, but I'm talking about Dennis. Kenny put out another Greatest Hits CD today. Dennis claims it was the last one in the store. He could be right, Kenny Chesney is awesome, or....he could just say that to make me appreciate it more? LOL Either way, I'm glad I got it and most of all, I'm glad I have a husband that allows "another man" in my life. There is one new song on the CD and the rest are, well, great hits! ;)

Good update of sorts

I'm not normally a "morning blogger" but it seems that I stay up way to late at night and I just never seem to get to it. I sent the boys off to school a bit ago and I'm going to try to update a bit.

The elementary school yearbook is finally done and out of my hands. I feel so free now. LOL I didn't have to do the entire thing this year (Thank You, Fenna!) but it was still more than I wanted to do. I just wasn't "into" it this year. Anyway, now I feel like I can get to the things I've been wanting to do without having a deadline hanging over me.

I've been feeling pretty good lately. I do have an addiction to facebook that I'm hoping will die down soon. Summer is coming and I'm not going to spend nearly as much time online. I am enjoying the re-connections that I'm making and am hoping to get together with some old friends soon. Maybe a picnic?

There is a down-side to re-connecting, too, and I can't help but think about it since I've heard what I heard. Twenty-some years ago is a long time ago, yet it still bugs me. I will not dwell on it. It's in the past and too late to correct it anyway. I heard about a rumor about me when I was in high school that was absolutely not true. I am shocked that people would even believe it or even have that impression of me. Oh well.

Dennis has been working a lot. There has been pretty much overtime lately, but I can see that it is catching up to him. He's always tired and who wouldn't be? He works 10 hour days and Saturdays. He has just Sunday off but with so much he wants done at the house or with cars or lawn equipment, he's just drained. :(

Trevor is without a car again. UGH! We don't like to call him a liar, but we're not too sure that we completely buy his story. Long story short, he took his car sideways and off of the road. We Thank God that he wasn't hurt. I'm not good with "mechanic lingo", but he cracked part of the axel and did damage to the frame. So, now, we play taxi to get him to work and back.

Bradley is doing a little better in school. He was having problems with being bullied. He lost weight and just doesn't care about anything anymore. It's heartbreaking. He's a great kid and very smart, but there is just something lost about him. He's dreading this Friday and wants me to let him stay home from school, but he's missed enough as it is. Friday is Maroon & White Day. They divide the school into 2 teams (maroon & white-school colors) and they compete in various events. He is not at all athletic and he's a big complainer. Exercise won't hurt him and I've told him to just do what he can and have fun with it. Laugh!

Corey is doing really well in school. He made "Student of the Month" for the month of May. I'm seeing a big improvement in his handwriting. He came home with a trophy and a medal yesterday. He now knows: how to count to 10 in Japanese, all 44 presidents (in order), all 50 States and their capitals. He learned all of this on top of his "regular" school work. I'm so proud of him! He's made so many friends in school. His best friend, however, is Collin, his brother! :)

Collin is doing great too! His handwriting still needs some work, though. Wow!! He writes like his dad and his brother Brad. lol He isn't the easiest to get up in the morning, but once he's up he's raring to go and like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going. He's been getting better at getting his homework done in a timely manner. He lost a tooth this past Sunday and hoped the "Tooth Fairy" would give him $2 for it. Of course, the fairy did. He gave a dollar to his brother. Soooo sweet!

Last Thursday I chaperoned a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. I hope to get pics up from that. There really weren't too many pics. Not my "norm". lol It was quite hectic and I was too worried about the kids that I was responsible for. They went wild like the animals once we were there! lol The boys loved it!

Tomorrow, the boys will be walking in a "Mini Relay for Life". A few staff members in their school and in the district have dealt with cancer. Some won their battle and sadly, some lost. For $1 the boys could purchase a sun ("In Honor of") or moon("In Memory of") that will have the name of the person they are honoring in the walk.

They will be walking "In Memory of"

  • Memmy Frohnheiser (my grandmother, my mom's mom)
  • Bobby Stuckley (my cousin)
  • Grammy Edwards (Dennis' grandmother, his mom's mom)
  • "Dinch" Meinhart (family friend)
  • Rick Wentz (friend)
  • Judy Breiner (my mom's cousin, and a wonderful person)
  • Linda Hutnick (my step-mom's sister)

They will be walking "In Honor of"

  • Betty Stuckley (my aunt, and the woman I most admire)
  • Diane Moser (a good friend that loves the boys!)
  • Jerry Cawley (mom's bf, they adore him!)
  • Uncle Glenn (we're leaving it at that..he wants to keep it private)
  • David Moyer (Dennis' uncle, his dad's brother)

Of course, I plan on being there to take pics and to gleam with pride. :)

I hope to come back with more updates and Moyer Tales soon.....

I'd like to wish Corey Meinhart a Happy Birthday in heaven today. He would be 37. We named our Corey after him. He is missed so much by so many. He was Dennis' best friend and in the short time that I got to know him I could see why he was liked so much. He was so much fun and had an awesome attitude. I'm hoping that anyone reading this will listen to my plea. Remember to show respect to those who choose to drive a motorcycle. Corey was killed on June 25, 1995 when he was hit by a motorist that didn't pay attention to him. We love and miss you, Corey! Happy Birthday and keep them all laughing up there in heaven!