Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome, 2011

Here we go again. Starting a fresh new page on a new calendar. Another year has somehow whizzed right by. Goodbye, 2010, I won't exactly miss you, you were pretty tough. I'm hopeful that 2011 will prove to be better.

I don't really make any resolutions for the new year. It's quite obvious that I can't stick with them. Just look at this blog, and you'll see. So, needless to say, I'm not resolving to do anything. I will just take things as they come and hopefully be better at managing my time to get them done. I will also shed a few pounds, but I'm not starting on one particular day. I'll be more aware of my portion sizes and squeeze in as much exercise as I possibly can.

I will blog in 2011, but I can't promise that I'll do it daily. I'd like to, yes, but it doesn't always happen for me. I've tried and failed at this many times, but looking at the bright side, I am here today! ;) It's a start (re-start?).