Thursday, June 30, 2005

They grow too fast!

Tonight is the third night in a row that Corey and Collin went to bed on their own. Normally, Dennis and I would each carry one in to bed after they'd fall asleep in the living room. We did the same thing with the older two boys when they were younger, and I always felt like I was wrong in doing that, and that they should've learned from the very beginning to fall asleep in their room, on their own.

Tonight, too, they went to bed without a diaper. Since the start of potty training, they've been wearing a diaper only for bed. I took two diapers into their room and asked if they'd like to put it on and go to sleep, but they didn't want them. They are growing up, and although I thought they should've been trained sooner, I can't help but feel a little sadness that they are growing more and more independent every day. Don't get me wrong, I do hope they wake up dry in the morning. It's just so hard to let go of my babies.

I've decided too, that I would try to post a picture. It's of all four of my boys. Trevor, Bradley, Collin and Corey. This is my first attempt at posting a picture, so I'm hoping I do this right. (Did I mention that I have little confidence in myself?) lol If it works, I will probably go nuts and post many more pictures. I absolutely love taking pictures, and I can prove it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vaccuum Cleaner Blues

I can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance, hoping the storm will be here soon. I don't really mind thunderstorms, especially on days like today. Today isn't much different from most days here. I've cleaned up spills, chased boys out of places they shouldn't be, and I've had the vaccuum out two times already. (The second time being it's last). Today is the day that I think I will have to lay my poor vaccuum to rest. The poor thing. So vibrant and new on the day it was brought into my home. It would suck up anything in it's path and would make the pile of the carpet stand up just like the hairs on the back of my neck when I would hear a song that would touch me so.

I can remember the day I brought it home. I couldn't wait to use it. The vaccuum that it replaced was burning more belts than the dirt it was picking up. I really don't mind running the vaccuum, as long as I have a good vaccuum to do the job. To see my poor vaccuum now, some would laugh, I'm sure. The beater bar is missing a wheel, the canister is missing a wheel, there is duct tape on two parts of the hose, the cover is missing/broke off of the attatchment compartment, it's missing attatchments, and tape (was) holding the wand together. It was a real sight to see.

I knew this day would come, but I was hoping it would've been closer to income tax return time. That seems to be the only time that we can somewhat afford such a fine piece of machinery.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Well, I did it

I've jumped on the blog bandwagon! I've been wanting to start one for some time, but kept putting it off. I'm hoping I will keep up with it and it will help to bring me out of my shell a bit. (I have a really bad habit of wanting to use the backspace or delete keys!) I know I shouldn't, but I worry about what others will think of me. I'm hoping to just let my fingers do the talking, and post often, and forget that the delete key even exists.