Monday, June 07, 2010

Sweet Summertime...well, sort of...

While the calander doesn't have summer scheduled to arrive until June 2oth, in our minds, summer is upon us. Today, however, we are getting a little bit of a break from the heat and humidity. A relief from the days prior.

We've already been in the pool more times "this summer" than we were all of last summer. The water has reached 80 degrees and higher. The boys and I plan on enjoying every minute in the pool that we can and our hopes are to not stay up late at night in order to get up earlier in the morning so we can enjoy as much summer as possible.

Of course, we are also planning more "night swims". There's nothing more fun than swimming under the light of the moon and stars!

We understand, too, that we can't just spend all of our time in the pool. I planted the garden on the 29th of May. That will keep me busy as well. We can't forget grass cutting, either. The tractor is down so that means I will be doing a lot of mowing with the push mower. Ugh. Great exercise, yes, but in the heat and humidity it's hard to enjoy.

Dennis is hoping that we can take a day trip out near Reading, PA for pool supplies and possibly a stop at Roadside America. I'm hoping we can also throw in a trip to Delaware to spend some time with Dennis's dad and step-mom at the beach.

The boys are down to the final week of school. They'll be dismissing at 12:30pm today, tomorrow, and Wednesdy and then they go Thursday until 11:10am. Then, our summer vacation will "officially" begin. They'll return to school on August 25, 2010 as THIRD graders! (Where, oh where has the time gone??)

Our plans may fall short, as far as trips go, but one thing we can count on is that we are going to have fun! Have a great summer, everyone!

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