Monday, June 07, 2010

Getting old?

Back in March I turned 40. I don't "feel" 40....mentally, I feel it physically. As I sit here tonight, I just popped 2 Tylenols. My back and legs are killing me! For most people, what I did today is just a "walk in the park".

My day started off a little late. I just couldn't drag myself out of the bed this morning. I rushed the boys to get ready for school. Once they got on the bus, I watered the garden. Nothing major. It's just a pain in the rump that I have to go into the closet in the garage to turn the water on and I have to make sure to turn it off when I'm done.

Once that was done, I started on the laundry. There is so much piled up and I just don't want to do it. I'm telling you, my laundry room shrank! That has to be what happened, since we all have the same clothes that we've had and the laundry room just can't hold it all anymore!

After that I did *some* cleaning up...not much...well, not as much as I should have. I played Bingo on the computer and then sorted through some pics on my computer and started uploading to the school's website.

Before long, Dennis called. Lunchtime! The day was just flying by! That's when I started watching the clock. I have a bad habit of doing that and when I do it, I seem to get nothing done. They boys were dismissed from school at 12:30pm and my mind just isn't capable of figuring out what time they should arrive home.

So, instead of sitting in the house, I went outside. I checked the mail...nothing good. I started getting things ready (wheelbarrow, shovels, top soil, etc.) to do some planting and transplanting. I killed just enough time because before I knew it, the bus pulled up.

I gathered buckets from the basement and headed to the garden. I got this brainy idea and I guess time will tell if it will work or not. I was surprised by how many of the green beans actually came up in the garden. According to the seed packet, I am to thin them out. I can't see throwing anything away, so I decided I'd take the ones I pulled from the garden and plant them in buckets, giving me even more green beans. :) So, I now have a row and 7 buckets of green bean plants. I hope it works!

I was lucky to have a little helper with me as I worked. I can most times count on Collin to help me out. Many times, he helps without my asking. So, if he offers to help, I let him and I always thank him for his kindness. I loved, too, our little discussion as we worked together. He and I both agreed that it's silly to be inside of the house when the weather is so nice.

As we were working, Collin spotted a few butterflies (cabbage moths, actually). He asked if he could use my (old) camera to take a movie of them. I'm not sure that he got the footage he was looking for? I'll have to check the camera tomorrow. :)

About a week ago, my darling husband brought home 2 huge tractor tires. Why, you ask....because they were "free". I can't knock the man for wanting a good deal, but honestly, I really didn't see a need for them. lol Last week, when Ted (my brother) was here, Dennis talked him into taking one, so I just had one to deal with. When Dennis got home from work, I put him to work and had him cut the tire so that we could put it around a tree. I then hauled dirt to the tire and viola'! I had an instant flower bed. lol I put it around a tree in the back yard, by the boys' swingset. Added a little mulch...ok, A LOT of mulch, and some water, and now we hope that the animals don't eat the plants (I planted Cosmos). Did I mention that I had a helper? I did! Collin shoveled some dirt, pushed the wheelbarrow for me, and then helped water the plants. He's such a good boy! :)

Before long, it was time to head back up to the house. Time to water the garden and other flower beds. They really are looking good! Dennis and I are doing what we can with as little money as possible, and it's really starting to look nice! I haven't had flower beds in a few years. If I remember, I will post pics tomorrow. :)

As usual, we ate a late "quick supper" and I got the boys to bed. I'm not sure what happened to the in between time, but here I am, tired, achy, and ready for bed. I'm hoping that those two Tylenols will allow me to fall asleep. I have a few more plants to find homes for tomorrow, as well as a laundry room to find. I am hoping too, to get my rug shampooer out and clean the living room carpet. No pain, no gain......

Good night.

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